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Vic Firth Re-Mix Brushes

Vic Firth recently expanded its catalog with four pairs of uniquely designed Re-Mix brushes/rods made from different types of organic material, ranging from soft and subtle broomcorn to a combo of stiff yet flexible birch and rattan. These models are all 14.125" long and feature rubber-coated, rectangular handles, which allow them to be paired with one another for additional sonic options.

The Re-Mix series brushes were created with renowned percussionist Pete Lockett and can be used to great effect on drumset, cajon, and other world percussion instruments. List price for each pair is $60, and a combo pack of RM2 (African grass) and RM3 (birch) lists for $110.

The lightest and softest model in the Re-Mix series is the RM1. It features a bundle of loosely held together broomcorn. These brushes produce delicate tones with a soft attack and enhanced low tones. They can be used similarly to traditional wire brushes, for sweeps and taps, or they can be used for subtle train beats or other organic drumset/percussion patterns. They’re best suited for very quiet acoustic applications or studio recordings. They don’t project enough sound to compete with amplified instruments (unless paired with one of the harder models).


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