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Ep.11 – THE NEW BREED HORIZONS – Gary Chester-inspired drumming concepts with Corey Roberts

This episode has a cool treat for anyone who knows Gary Chester or wants to! This was a surprise to the drummer Corey Roberts who is presenting πŸ˜‰ Gary Chester was the NYC drummer on the east coast who has played on over 14,000 sessions, and is the author and teacher of one of the most difficult and best-selling systems for drummers…THE NEW BREED. What Corey shares in this episode are his innovations just to give us a taste of the freedom you can gain by studying The New Breed with Gary Chester’s approach! Practicing for what is on the “HORIZONS.” One doesn’t arrive to this type of independence, and shouldn’t want to, by skipping steps or without the one2one guidance now possible so you can study live online with over-qualified and directly-experienced teachers who studied from Gary. First we learn the rules. Practicing gives us humility, respect and strengthens the love of playing as a true art. You begin trusting instincts that you knew were there, and letting go to reach what you’re capable of. That’s when a New Breed drummer’s independence moves the drummer to innovation.
Corey’s studies and his time with Gary were intense and life altering. What fills me with pride is knowing that Corey practices 2-hours a day, innovates like THIS while simultaneously being a family man and the CEO of an enormously successful company. Corey is a drummer. He expressed during his interview for the documentary on Gary, how his time studying with Gary profoundly informed how he lives and how many of Gary’s teachings continue to guide and affect his life.
The kind of discipline Gary required from drummers and those he agreed to take on as students naturally & totally affected every important area of life, as seen in the life of Corey Roberts. From business to family and friendship and parenting, being schooled by Gary’s non-negotiable integrity defines your art of being a drummer. At its core, Gary’s teachings show those ready how our art as music is cultivated to time and our relation to it. How all of it is a reflection of the person we are…”If you are an ignorant person, you’re gonna play ignorant.” And I am sure there are many who can expand and imagine how many ways Gary was able to get THIS point across when he replaced “ignorant” with his host of different, and at times made-up, super-descriptive words too. Such as “COOKIN’IST” What? Okay, yeah…cookin’ist πŸ™‚
To be paired for one2one lessons with official New Breed teachers who spent years throwing their sticks against the wall (never in front of Gary of course πŸ˜‰ email GARYCHESTERTHEDRUMMER@GMAIL.COM.
*Note – Corey has 2 slots available to pair students who will benefit according to where Corey feels he’ll serve his teachers legacy the best. These two slots are for new-to-intermediate drummers who must know how to read. There are also some slots available for advanced drummers who want to learn The New Breed using Gary Chester’s approach. Email for a detailed pairing questionnaire.
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