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Ep.10 – The New Breed PUNK’D with Chris “Tomato” Harfenist

On August 17, 1987 Chris turned 18 years old – this was also the day his teacher of 11 years, GARY CHESTER had suddenly passed away. I am releasing this today honoring and celebrating both Chris and my father, together. Happy Birthday to Gary Chester student of 11 years CHRIS TOMATO HARFENIST. I am so proud to release this long awaited episode honoring Chris as he innovates the shit out of this by sampling one of the most MISSED and misunderstood teachings of Garys approach of The New Breed. Chris exemplifies another as well… the misconception of The New Breed having anything to do with the genre of music you play. Thank you for standing up my brother. You honor your teacher, his family, and this legacy you are a part of Chris. WHAT A WAY TO BREAK THE SILENCE 🙂 We are equally proud to have invited Chris who accepted and joined our NB approved teachers to preserve the integrity and original teachings of Gary by allowing me to pair students around the world who can teach as the pull from their many, many years as Garys personal student. We have already paired someone wonderful to Chris already. To study Garys New Breed with Chris write to GaryChesterTheDrummer@gmail.com. Requests for pairing posted here on YouTube won’t be seen in a timely manner so please email instead including your full name, state/country, and why you would like to study The New Breed with Garys approach. Thank you for watching and please support the true teachings and the preservation of the integrity of The New Breed by sharing this Youtube Channel and Facebook.com/garychesterthedrummer, also on instagram – as the official homes of Gary and original students.

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