Mair Drums

Vantage Series Snare

Made from carbon fiber, Vantage series snares are available in a Black 3K finish as well as a variety of other colors and textures. Features include a 1.8 mm shell, die-cast hoops, and a Dunnett three-step strainer.


One-Zone Trigger Pad

This 7″ single-zone electronic drum pad sends MIDI with velocity information to any computer or iOS device. The included locking nut allows the pad to be mounted on any 8 mm cymbal stand.

TRX Cymbals

CRX Deacon Packs

Deacon cymbal packs are developed for church music programs and are available in Classic (dark) and Xtreme (bright) series. The Old Testament pack includes 14″ hi-hats, a 21″ ride, and an 18″ crash with bag. List price is $499.99. The New Testament pack includes a 10″ splash, a 14″ stacker, and a 16″ crash. List price is $199.99.

Future Sonic

In-Ear Monitors

These monitors offer three fitting options and feature a 13 mm voice coil, a dynamic transducer, TrueTimbre response, 32 ohm impedance, and proprietary armature and crossover-free technology. A 50″ standard cable and a waterproof clear case are included.

Slug Percussion

Triad Pad

The Triad Pad is said to provide maximum protection from beater damage and to increase beater punch while diminishing high frequencies. The patented vented design features a felt Duro-Disk impact pad mounted on a triangular .01-thick polycarbonate film badge with permanent adhesive backing. The Triad Pad provides a punchy and deep bass drum tone and can be paired for double pedal setups. List price is $14.95.


Zebra Drums

Thread Locks

Thread Locks prevent the loosening of tension rods and eliminate metal-to-metal contact between the hoop and tension rod to facilitate smooth tuning. Thread Locks are simple to install and have a low-profile, discreet look.



Core Smart Music Tool

This four-in-one device is available in lightweight polycarbonate or stainless steel models. It can be worn as a watch or positioned on the chest, leg, and upper arm. Features include a 7G ERM vibration motor, dual OLED display, capacitive touch sensor, and controls to customize tempo, time signature, subdivision, and accents. The magnetic twist tuner attaches to any steel parts, and an internal microphone picks up surrounding sound to display decibel levels. The Core can receive push notifications, including text messages and incoming calls, when connected to a smartphone.

Schagerl Drums

Antares Snare

The Antares snare, available in 5×14, 6.5×14, and 8×14 sizes, features ten solid-brass tube lugs and a .7 mm brass shell with 2.3 mm triple-flange brass, black nickel, or chrome-over-steel hoops. The Trick multistep strainer allows for precise tension adjustments, and the shell is undersized at the top and the bottom to create a timpani effect. The drums are available in raw, raw lacquered, dark vintage, and custom dark finishes.


SD1200 Electronic Drumkit

This mesh-head set includes a 12″ dual-zone snare, two 8″ and one 10″ dual-zone toms, and a 6″ kick. A 12″ two-zone crash and a 14″ triple-zone ride with a choke function are also included. A variable pedal controls the 12″ dual-zone hi-hat, and an optional expansion kit allows users to add another dual-zone crash and floor tom. The sound module includes 764 sounds and has a large, full-color graphic LCD screen and Bluetooth MIDI and USB connections. Additional features include dual-layer, tension-adjustable mesh heads, and a hex rack with die-cast mounts.