Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

Do you agree with Danny?

The raw drum sound is what makes them human. What makes our music human. The tone and touch of the drum is so important! Even in a metal context the drummer’s feel works off how he approaches the drums. Tone is something drummers work on for years to master.
Jordan Bernacchia

I believe electronics are their own instrument, much like acoustic guitars vs. electric. There’s no way an electronic drum on its own is going to move air like an acoustic, and vice versa. E-drums are their own instrument, and you either embrace that or play acoustic drums. I used to play shifts in several casinos on their Roland TD-30 kits and learned that inside out. The older cats who didn’t embrace the technology eventually fell off the circuit, no pun intended.
Bill Ray

It’s strange to [compare] e-kits vs. acoustic kits. They are two different instruments, for two different purposes. One can’t replace the other. But if you want to learn how to play the drums, do it on a responsive one: acoustics!
Vincent from Normandy Drum Studios


Tips on Improving Time

How do you work on your time?

Fred Dinkins’ great book It’s About Time.
Bruce Hammer

I always had a natural internal time. What made it more powerful was playing Indian classical music.

Playing at 20–30 BPM.
Brad King

Sixteen beats, click sound only on beat 16. Stole this from Jochen Rueckert and his awesome instructional videos.
Reed Stewart


Music School: Pros and Cons

Have you had mostly positive experiences in music school, or negative ones?

That’s why I dropped out of New England Conservatory after three weeks. Full scholarship. Never regretted it.
Tony Mangurian

I never related to a quote so much in my life.
Owen Norsworthy

One hundred percent worth it, if you find the right school.
Calvin Reid

I agree. I did three years of music school and hated every minute of it. Almost quit playing altogether.
K.C. Cox

It’s what you make of it, and sometimes “sink or swim” helps you find your way.
Joe Bush

If you find inspiration in other music areas (theory, history, pedagogy, etc.) then you will enjoy your time. My experiences in music school have taught me practice efficiency, developed my musicality, and increased my passion for my craft.
Josh Hartwell

I went to Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers in the late ’80s as a jazz performance major. It was phenomenal! Definitely wasn’t like Whiplash. My drum teacher/mentor/ friend was the incomparable Keith Copeland. And all the other instrument professors were equally encouraging and supportive. School is not about what you are taught on a day-to-day basis; it’s about what you absorb from the greatness of talent in your teachers and peers around you.

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