It’s a great honor to write my first Overview since becoming CEO and publisher of the world’s longest-standing drum publication—and well beyond that, resource—for drums, drumming, and drummers. I’ve been an ardent reader of Modern Drummer since 1979, two years after Ron and Isabel Spagnardi launched the magazine. So much of what the Spagnardis envisioned continues to flourish and evolve as MD, long before my involvement, stood for a community of drummers to celebrate, educate, inspire, and unite the world of drumming.

Now more than ever, inspiration is a main focus of the Modern Drummer team. Today all of us face so many distractions, challenges, and conflicts in the world that practicing our art, growing as an artist, and truly experiencing the joy that our art form brings can be a struggle. Being inspired is the antidote for the tough times that we’re persevering through right now.

As you go through each issue of Modern Drummer, please check out the interaction between our print and digital products. We add notes to each article and story that has unique, exclusive content on digital. This is brand new and combines the convenience and joy of holding a drum magazine with the education and how-to visuals that video/online can deliver. We now offer the best of both worlds.

The ironic thing about print is that while the industry as a whole is experiencing historic challenges, the Modern Drummer community is embracing it as much as ever. At this year’s NAMM show (hard to believe it was just a few months ago that thousands of us were shoulder-to-shoulder on the show floor) I asked many people if they still had their back issues of MD. They unequivocally all said yes! They had piles—libraries and drum rooms filled with the magazine, going back to the first issue they ever bought. It’s indicative of how we drummers love to collect, learn from, and reference articles for inspiration. From youngsters who only recently discovered MD, all the way up to our forty-plus-year subscribers, the sentiment is the same. Drummers love the feeling of having and holding a printed magazine—one that is all about drumming—with the added convenience and power of digital. That inspires us and continues to drive the quality and community within Modern Drummer to higher and higher levels every month—every day, really.

I truly hope that you search and dive deep into the vast archive that Modern Drummer has online 24/7/365, every issue since Number 1 with Buddy Rich on the cover. Plus there’s so much more online, as we regularly post relevant news and education alongside historical articles, so that there is truly no end to the amount of inspiration that can be had from and our social media. Stay tuned for even greater collaborations, drum-community experiences, and events as MD blasts into 2021. Ron and Isabel created a brand and community in drumming that is respected worldwide. Every drummer knows Modern Drummer, and that is something that we never take for granted—quite the opposite—as we serve the drumming community.

Stay inspired, and please know that whenever you need a dose of inspiration, we’re always here for you. The honor is ours!

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David Frangioni