This month we present Joseph Ciucci’s Ludwig Mod Orange Club Date set and Acrolite snare. Both were manufactured in December of 1967 and purchased from famed Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, who is a well-known vintage drum enthusiast.

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“On the road to Rockford,” says Joseph Ciucci, “a guy told me, ‘Be prepared to be disappointed when you meet a rock ’n’ roll icon.’ Well, he never met Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. Upon my arrival at the legendary Bun E. Barn, he greeted me with open arms and eagerly shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for his spectacular collection of vintage drums. He can also tell a great story!”

Ciucci was thrilled that Carlos was willing to part with some of his prized “minty fresh” drums. “One particular ‘top shelf’ kit that caught my attention,” says Ciucci, “was an eye-popping, pristine-condition 1967 Ludwig Mod Orange Club Date and its Acrolite snare. The bright Mod Orange shells with bold purple hues just popped in the light and, sporting the original drumheads, made it the perfect kit.”

Alas, Ciucci would have to wait to take ownership. “Bun E. wasn’t ready to part with it,” he explains, “as it was about to be loaned to Ludwig for replicating and producing the reissue Mod Orange kits and Jazz Fest snares.”

Patience paid off, however, and on Ciucci’s third trip to visit Carlos, the drummer was finally willing to part with the set. “I’ll never forget removing the original drumheads at the Barn to see perfect bearing edges, along with the sight and smell of ‘fresh’ white paint,” says Ciucci. “The white interiors look brand new, as do the December 8 and 11, 1967 date stamps. Bun E. signed the interior of each shell and inscribed a different Cheap Trick song title in each shell as well.

“It’s a pristine, one-of-a kind kit,” Ciucci says proudly. “When Ludwig rolled out the reissue Jazz Fest snares in Mod Orange finish, one was immediately added to the kit. The Jazz Fest snare was, of course, ‘tweaked by Bun E. Carlos’ and appears with the kit.

“Thank you, Bun E. Carlos, for your kindness, musicianship, one-of-a-kind drum licks, and this spectacular 1967 Ludwig Mod Orange Club Date kit.”