Istanbul Mehmet

Bossa and Crystal Ride Cymbals

JB Chrystal ride
Bossa Ide

The Bossa ride has an unlathed top and a fully lathed bottom and is said to have a dark, washy sound and offer clear stick definition. The JB 15″ Crystal ride, designed in collaboration with Jacky Bourbasquet, is a heavy flat cymbal with three holes and three rivets. Ideal for jazz, blues, or funk music, the cymbal offers a crystalline sound and a precise attack with smooth sustain.

Latin Percussion

Matador Whiskey Barrel Congas and Bongos

Matador Whiskey Barrel

Matador bongos and congas are constructed using 3-ply New Zealand pine shells and offer focused sounds. The drums come with rawhide heads and .3125″-diameter tuning lugs. The bongos are fitted with traditional rims, a steel backing plate, and plated cast-aluminum bottoms. The congas are fitted with Matador Soft Strike rims and horned side plates.

Gruv Gear

VELOC Drum Transport System

Gruv Gear Veloc System

This fully integrated system consists of a lightweight aluminum cart with a magnetic mount rail onto which the cases attach and stack vertically, creating a shelf-like system with front openings for each case. The hybrid cases are constructed with robust fabrics fused with an ABS/polycarbonate shell. Each VELOC case is equipped with Gruv Gear’s Global Recovery Tag powered by HomingPIN.

The VELOC range also includes cases for a double pedal, assorted hardware, and cymbals. The cymbal case features pockets that fan out for accessibility and convenience.


Club-JAM Flyer Kit

The economical Club-JAM Flyer kit offers a compact footprint and punchy sound. Composed of a snare, a floor tom, a rack tom, and a 10×14 bass drum, this kit allows drummers to play comfortably without being overpowering. The Club-JAM Flyer is available in Candy Apple Mist and lists for $633.32.

Revolution Drum

T-Loks and Cymbal Fasteners

Revolution Drum

Patented T-Loks are designed to screw onto tension rods and create a locking effect directly under the hoops. Each package contains five T-Loks with five neoprene washers.

The 8 mm, low-profile cymbal fasteners are CNC-machined from solid brass and are available in raw and chrome-plated finishes.

101 Drums Sweden

Diamond Drum Hoops

Diamond Drum Hoops

These 14″ Diamond hoops are made of composite wood fiber and are suitable for different genres of music. The overall sound is said to be warm and mellow with controlled high frequencies.


Dominion Standard Five-Piece Shell Packs

DDrum Standar Brushed

Four Dominion standard kits, all in five-piece configurations, feature birch shells and are available in four PVC finishes. The shell packs are designed to be tonally consistent and ideal for both studio and live applications. Each shell pack includes 8×10 and 9×12 toms, a 14×16 floor tom, an 18×22 bass drum, and a 7×13 snare. The 45-degree bearing edges have a wide surface area while producing clean attack and sustain for bright, lively, and modern tones. Brushed Blue, Midnight Black, Red Sparkle, and Silver Sparkle finishes are available.