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Istanbul Mehmet

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Gretsch Heritage Build Setups USA Custom and Broadkaster drums are now available with a Heritage Build option. This vintage-style look is available in any drum finish and features center-mount, double-ended lugs and extended tension rods of different lengths to suit…

Modern Drummer
Sep 1, 2020

Istanbul Mehmet, Latin Percussion, Gruv Gear, and more

Istanbul Mehmet Bossa and Crystal Ride Cymbals The Bossa ride has an unlathed top and a fully lathed bottom and is said to have a dark, washy sound and offer clear stick definition. The JB 15″ Crystal ride, designed in…

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 2020

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Latin Percussion Stainless Steel Salsa Snares The new Salsa snares are fitted with stainless-steel rims, eight lugs, and twenty-four-strand wires. Available in 5.5×13 and 4.5×12 sizes, these drums are said to sound cutting and bright with a sharp Mackie…

Modern Drummer
Jul 9, 2020

Istanbul Mehmet - Hamer Series Cymbals

Heavily hammered, dark-sounding cymbals with extra dry, trashy tones.

by Michael Dawson
Jul 31, 2018

Istanbul Mehmet - X-Ray Series Cymbals

For drummers favoring more unusual cymbals, there’s the Xperience line, which includes the X-Ray options we have for review. All X-Ray cymbals are perforated to increase trashiness and decrease decay, and they are available with three different patterns of holes.…

Michael Dawson
Feb 23, 2017