Latin Percussion

Stainless Steel Salsa Snares

Latin Percussion

The new Salsa snares are fitted with stainless-steel rims, eight lugs, and twenty-four-strand wires. Available in 5.5×13 and 4.5×12 sizes, these drums are said to sound cutting and bright with a sharp attack.


MP Series Professional In-Ear Monitors

MAC MP 460

MP-320 in-ear monitors feature a triple-driver design for clarity and separation between the low-frequency response and the mid and high frequencies. Featuring a triple-balanced armature, the MP-360 IEM is said to provide a balanced sound with clear stereo imaging. The MP-460 has a quad-armature design that delivers additional clarity and detail. All three models employ a precise three-way crossover that ensures a balanced sound across the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range.

The new models feature ergonomically molded enclosures and come with four different types of ear tips in three sizes. The detachable cables are shielded and internally braided and are equipped with MMCX connectors. A molded plastic case and a gold-plated .125″-to-.25″ adapter are included.

Grover Pro

Sleigh Bells and Red Oak Slapstick

Slap & Sleigh

These sleigh bells have twenty-four resonant steel bells that are permanently attached to a turned hardwood handle. The bells are finished in Concert Black and outfitted with a hard rubber foot that allows the player to quickly and silently pick up or set down the instrument. The foot also functions as a handle to facilitate ease of playing during loud passages.

The solid red oak slapstick measures 16×3.5 and comes with two adjustable tension bands. A decorative f-hole and internal grooves function to maximize attack. The slapstick can be mounted on a standard threaded cymbal stand or threaded post.


V-Drums Acoustic Design Series

V Drums Acoustic Design Series

V-Drums Acoustic Design kits deliver an acoustic look, with full-size wood shells, heavy-duty chrome shell hardware, thinner cymbals, and standard drumset mounts. Advanced shell sensor systems are said to eliminate hot spots. The streamlined crash cymbal pads offer improved feel and have a natural swinging motion. The VAD506 and VAD503 kits feature the TD-27 module, full-size kick and toms, and a digital snare and ride. The VAD306 kit includes the TD-17 module and features kick, snare, and toms with shallow wood shells. The VAD306 lists for $2,499.99, the VAD503 for $3,999.99, and the VAD506 for $4,799.99.

Istanbul Mehmet

Tony Williams Series Cymbals

The new Tony Williams 22″ jazz-rock ride offers an expressive, dark, and trashy sound. The 15″ hi-hats are said to give the same stick sound, chick, and feel of the original 14″ Tony Williams ’60s-era Tribute hi-hats but with more volume and wash. The 16″ crash offers a quick response and short decay.


USA Custom River Cypress Drumset

USA Custom River Cypress Drumset

This limited-edition kit features hybrid maple/gum shells finished with a veneer from wood that was submerged for many years at the bottom of the Pee Dee River Basin in South Carolina. Each drum’s exterior is hand sprayed with clear nitrocellulose gloss lacquer, while the interior is treated with Gretsch’s Silver Sealer. Sixty sets, available in two four-piece configurations, will be crafted, each outfitted with die-cast hoops, a bass drum mount and tom holder, and a 4825 direct-to-shell tom bracket. Standard or traditional bop sizes are offered.

Black Swamp Percussion

The 25th Anniversary Snare Drum

Black Swamp Percussion

This 5×14 snare features a Medallion Brass shell plated in black nickel and hand engraved by Black Swamp founder Eric Sooy. Additional features include a Multisonic orchestral strainer, straight hoops with claws, and a kangaroo head supplied by Kentville Drums. Twenty-five drums will be manufactured. List price is $2,398.