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Roland TD-27KV2 Another V-Drum offering

Having already experienced some of Roland’s recent upgrades to their V-Drums lineup, I was eager to get ahold of their TD-27KV2 model. The TD-27KV2 is Roland’s mid-level kit, which is a step up in features (and price) from their TD-17KVX2.…

By Jason Mehler
Apr 30, 2023

Roland VMH-D1 Headphones Answering The Call For Electronic Drums

In February, Roland introduced the VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones, developed in collaboration with the popular headphone brand V-MODA. In their press release they describe the product as a complete personal monitoring solution purpose-built for the electronic drumming experience. They mention a…

By Jason Mehler
Mar 31, 2023

Roland PM-100 Monitor Electronic Drum Amplification

As we have already tested Roland’s new VMH-D1 headphones this month, I thought it would be fitting to examine one of their amplified monitors for situations where amplifying your electronic drum set is required. Roland has provided us with the…

By Jason Mehler
Mar 31, 2023

Roland Introduces VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones

Premium Headphones Designed for Electronic Drum Kits Roland introduces the VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones, a complete personal monitoring solution purpose-built for the electronic drumming experience. Co-developed by Roland and V-MODA, these unique headphones deliver premium sound that realizes the full sonic…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2023

Roland Announces Multiple V-Drums Product Upgrades

Updated Sound Modules, New Upgraded Kits, and V-Drums Acoustic Design Lineups. Roland, a world leader in electronic drums and percussion, announces multiple upgrades to the company’s award-winning V-Drums product lineup. New TD-17, TD-27, and V-Drums Acoustic Design models have been…

Modern Drummer
Oct 31, 2022


Combining two of the world’s best acoustic and electronic drum companies to focus on delivering new innovation for drummers; Drum Workshop will operate as a standalone unit with pioneering founders retaining leadership positions. Roland is the leading global manufacturer of…

Modern Drummer
Sep 30, 2022


New Flagship Sampling Pad with Advanced Features and Professional Enhancements Based on Feedback from SPD-SX Users. Roland announces the SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad, the new flagship model in the long-running SPD series. Born of user feedback fueled by extensive road…

Modern Drummer
Sep 30, 2022

Ready for Our Close-Up!

Kits & Cymbals on Camera at the MD Festival So many amazing drummers contributed to our 21st Modern Drummer Festival. But they were not alone. The co-stars of the big show were the kits and cymbals used by the performers…

Modern Drummer
Feb 1, 2022


RenziAdvanced Heel Pedestal System Kit Founded by Berklee College of Music alumni John Renzi, the Renzi “Stomp Louder” corporation utilizes science and an “athletic” approach to drum-product research to improve performance sustainability and ergonomics. (“Drummers are athletes, as the physiological…

Modern Drummer
Oct 29, 2021

Roland | V-Drums Roundup

Roland knows a thing or two about electronic drums. In the late-’90s, the company’s TD-10 V-Drums were powered by its COSM modeling technology, and, in 2012, their TD-30KV V-Drums featured SuperNATURAL sounds, Behavior Modeling, and upgraded sensing technology. So, it’s…

By Rob Coen
Jul 20, 2021

Roland – VAD306 Compact Electronic Drumset

This past year, Roland unveiled the new VAD (V-Drums Acoustic Design) series. These innovative drums provide a familiar acoustic drumset look and playing experience, but with all the technological advantages of their electronic mod-ules, mesh pads, and rubber cymbals. We…

By Michael Dawson
Jun 18, 2021

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506 Kit

The ultimate immersive e-drums experience. Can you believe it’s taken forty-plus years for an electronic drumset to emerge that looks and feels nearly identical to an acoustic kit? Well, the time has come, folks. Roland’s new Acoustic Design series of…

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 2020

Roland - TD-27KV V-Drums

A top-quality mid-level kit with next-level components. This year Roland introduced two new configurations of electronic drumsets. One is the Acoustic Design, which features full-size wood shells, wrap finishes, and enhanced response for a more authentic playing experience. We’ll cover…

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 2020

LP, Mackie, Grover Pro, Roland, and more

Latin Percussion Stainless Steel Salsa Snares The new Salsa snares are fitted with stainless-steel rims, eight lugs, and twenty-four-strand wires. Available in 5.5×13 and 4.5×12 sizes, these drums are said to sound cutting and bright with a sharp Mackie…

Modern Drummer
Jul 9, 2020

New Gear from Tama, Zildjian, Roland, Sabian and more!

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B Exotix Tigerwood Kit and  S.L.P. Big Black Steel Snare Tama’s Starclassic Performer BB kit is now available in Gloss Natural Tigerwood and Midnight Blue Tigerwood finishes with Brushed Black Nickel hardware. Features include die-cast hoops and Star-Cast mounting…

Modern Drummer
Dec 27, 2018