Online music instruction existed long before the coronavirus came along, but there’s no denying that the pandemic has had a huge effect on the life of the average working musician, who almost overnight saw live playing opportunities nearly evaporate.

Hopefully by the time this issue of Modern Drummer comes out, things will have improved somewhat, and concerts, weddings, and industrial gigs will have begun to come back. Even if they have, though, there will surely be somewhat of a delay before things return to normal. For most of us, waiting for that day is simply not a viable option.

So, we’ve been forced to get creative. Many of us are either looking to get into teaching for the first time or seeking ways to improve our existing practices. With that in mind, this month we pick the brains of six of the most successful instructors in online drum education—Mike Johnston, Dave Weckl, Bill Bachman, Russ Miller, Dom Famularo, and Drum Channel founder Don Lombardi—who’ve graciously agreed to share their hard-earned insight. You’ll not only find practical plans to adopt but conceptual ideas to emulate. No, you might not have the name recognition of Dave Weckl or Mike Johnston, but you most certainly do have access to the tools they use so successfully in their own online teaching practices. In fact, after our interviews with Dave, Mike, et al, in a separate article we lay out a detailed list of the kind of gear that can get you exactly where you need to be.

Whether or not you’re an educator, though, there’s much to be learned in the following pages, as we dig a bit deeper for tips on how to also be a better online student—something that nearly all of us, in one way or another, already are.

Finally, we share a list of twelve drummers who you should absolutely follow on Instagram, whether it’s because they offer a constant stream of educational nuggets or simply powerful bursts of inspiration—something each of us can always use more of.

So dig in, think big, embrace the challenge, and go for it!
See you online.

Adam Budofsky
Editorial Director