Tour Custom Maple Drumset

Suitable for recording and live playing, Tour Custom Maple drumsets are constructed with 6-ply maple shells using the company’s proprietary staggered, diagonal-seam shell construction. Additional features include 2.3mm inverted Dyna Hoops that help focus the sound and keep the drums in tune longer, one-point lug attachments to enhance sustain, and Remo drumheads. The series features five new finishes: Butterscotch Satin, Caramel Satin, Candy Apple Red Satin, Chocolate Satin, and Black Licorice Satin. List price is $2,320.



Drum Dampers

Each pack of SlapKlatz includes six small (2cm), two medium (3cm), and two large (4cm) gel dampers. A rugged container is included for easy access and storage, and clear or green gels are offered.



Anthony Michelli 595 Drumstick

The .595″x16″ Anthony Michelli drumstick model is just under a 5B in size and weight. The 595 design principal focuses on being a versatile and all-purpose stick suitable for various applications while ensuring maximum bounce and balance. The acorn tip is said to accentuate the full and complex tonal range inherent in drums and cymbals. List price is $17.99 per pair.


British Drum Co.


British Drum Co. offers kits for every application, including the 10-ply punchy all-birch Legend, the vintage-inspired 9-ply mahogany/birch Lounge, and the diminutive but powerful 10-ply all-maple Imp. Snares include the 20-ply birch/maple Merlin, the stage- and studio-ready Big Softy, and the chrome-on-brass Bluebird. All wood shells are cold-pressed into shape and are available in unique colors and finishes. Triple-flange hoops and Art Deco–style Palladium lugs are fitted on all toms and snares.


Overtone Labs

Tune-Bot Studio

The new Tune-Bot Studio unit offers more reliable readings, a wider frequency range, a four-color display, a streamlined keypad, and improved kit-saving options. The Tune-Bot Studio memorizes the setting for each drum once it’s been tuned, and it can be used with drums on or off the kit, with specific features tailored to each situation. The compact and lightweight unit has a rubberized black finish and an efficient clamp system for improved grip. A plastic case is included. List price is $149.95.



Speed Corbra 315 Hi-Hat Stand

This new hi-hat stand is said to deliver flexibility in tight spaces, portability, and quick setup and teardown. Features include dual-leg construction, a security clutch, six-way tension adjustment, a swiveling footboard, and direct-pull action.