The Canadian manufacturer HeadHunters focuses on creating innovative percussive implements. One such product is what the company calls Crossovers.

A Perfect Balance

Crossovers inhabit a middle ground between regular drumsticks and rods. These hybrid implements employ a stick lathed from maple or hickory and rods of assorted materials on the playing end. Various types and sizes of rods combined with a certain diameter stick net different results. The pair I preferred most was the Crossovers II Bamboo, which has a maple handle and bamboo rods.

All Crossovers models come with a stick grip made of a tacky material. Unique to these sticks is a secondary striker located where the rods insert into the handle. This allows you to play at higher dynamics when needed. Crossovers also come with an adjustable rubber band on the rods that can be moved up or down to customize the feel and response.

Crossovers are perfect for low-volume situations. They provide excellent control while allowing for louder accents than what you would get from standard rods or brushes. The balance is good, and the rebound is surprisingly fast. The wood shaft allows you to utilize the Crossovers for stick-like rimshots and rimclicks.

The Crossovers Hybrid Bundles held up well throughout our fairly rough testing period. They sell for $25 per pair and are a good option for gigging drummers and percussionists.