Special Edition AX Cymbals

The new Special Edition AX cymbals feature a bright, powerful sound that is recommended for contemporary rock, pop, Latin, and R&B. Made from handcrafted, hand-hammered B20 bronze, the brighter tone of the new AX models offers a contrast to the warmer and darker standard Special Edition models. Both series are available in three ride/crash/hi-hat pre-packs, and an assortment of crash, splash, China, and stackers can be purchased separately.

Pacific Drums & Percussion
Daru Jones New Yorker Kit

The Daru Jones New Yorker is a gig-friendly four-piece set that’s finished in a gold-to-black sparkle fade lacquer and features poplar/maple short-stack shells. The kit is packaged with DW 6000 Series Ultralight hardware and comes in three nylon carrying bags.

The 10×18 bass drum, 5×10 and 7×14 toms, and matching 6×13 snare drum weigh less than sixty pounds in total. A ratchet bass drum mount, MAG snare throw-off, matching wood bass drum hoops, and Remo heads are included.

Pyramid Pad

Designed for drummers who practice stick control on the go, this pad combines a maple base, a snappy rebound surface with an adhesive backing, and a carabineer key chain. It’s available in red or yellow and lists for $15.99.

Vic Firth
Cajon Bru-llet

The Cajon Bru-llet marries elements of a brush and a mallet to translate slap and bass tones to the cajon. Features include a hickory shaft with medium-stiff plastic bristles and a 1.5″ mallet made from XLPE foam. The .650″x13.5″ Bru-llet lists for $54.95 per pair.

Ultimate Ears Pro
Sound Tap Personal Monitoring System

This compact stage accessory plugs directly into any onstage speaker to turn the stage monitor mix into an in-ear mix. The Sound Tap has been designed to work with wedges, side fills, and other stage equipment and supports line- and speaker-level inputs. A standard 9-volt battery provides forty hours of charge. List price is $249.

Abe Cunningham Cool Breeze Drumstick

This .600″x16.625″ drumstick features a large diameter, a heavy taper, and extra length. The medium-sized acorn tip is said to deliver warm but articulate tones and is suitable for laid-back and solid groove playing. List price is $17.99.

Spaun Drums
20th Anniversary Drumkit

The African mahogany shells of Spaun’s anniversary drumkit are said to be rich in low frequencies, with well-defined notes and good attack. The toms and snares are 6-ply/5.4mm and the bass drum is 8-ply/7.2mm. Additional features include Spaun’s proprietary SBR solid-brass Resonator lugs and 20th Anniversary wood badges.

Twenty drumkits are available worldwide. The five-piece shell pack lists for $3,799. The optional 7×14 and 7×13 snare drums are $499 and $479, respectively.