TRX Special Edition AX Cymbals The new Special Edition AX cymbals feature a bright, powerful sound that is recommended for contemporary rock, pop, Latin, and R&B. Made from handcrafted, hand-hammered B20 bronze, the brighter tone of the new AX models offers a contrast to the warmer and darker standard Special Edition models. Both series are available in three ride/crash/hi-hat pre-packs, and an assortment of crash, splash, China, and stackers can be purchased separately. Pacific Drums & Percussion Daru Jones New Yorker Kit The Daru Jones New Yorker is a gig-friendly four-piece set that’s finished in a gold-to-black sparkle fade lacquer and features poplar/maple short-stack shells. The kit is packaged with DW 6000 Series Ultralight hardware and comes in three nylon carrying bags. The 10x18 bass dru