Dave Hidalgo Jr. joined Ludwig in 2010 shortly after becoming a full-time member of legendary punk band Social Distortion. “It’s pretty rad to become a part of something that you grew up listening to and being a fan of,” says Hidalgo. “It’s surreal.”

At the center of Dave’s kit is a Black Beauty snare, but every once in a while the drummer will switch it out for a Copperphonic or Supraphonic model. “They have similar sounds, with one being a little brighter,” he says. “It’s weird, but on occasion the Black Beauty gets worn out and stops sounding as vibrant as it once did. I’ll change the heads and everything, but it just doesn’t sound right.” That’s when Dave will set the Black Beauty aside and use the one of the others. He says that after the Black Beauty sits for a couple of weeks, it’s back to normal. “It’s crazy, but it’s like it gets tired and needs a break.”

Hidalgo says he doesn’t like everything too close to him, so he keeps his setup spread out a bit. He also tunes for bigger tones. “When I was with Suicidal Tendencies, it was tighter sounding,” he says. “But the sizes were evolving to something bigger. The first time I used a 24″ kick, it was the best thing ever. Then I moved up to a 26″. I don’t think I’ll be able to play a 22″ again.”

Drums: Ludwig Vistalite in smoke grey
A. 6.5×14 Black Beauty snare with tube lugs and Gibraltar Lug Locks (6.5×14 Supraphonic and Copperphonic are placed on the riser as backups)
B. 10×14 tom on a snare stand
C. 16×16 floor tom
D. 16×18 floor tom
E. 14×26 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 15″ K Light hi-hats
2. 18″ K EFX crash
3. 19″ K crash
4. 22″ Avedis ride
5. 19″ K Custom Hybrid crash

Heads: Remo Emperor X snare batter and Ambassador Hazy snare side; Emperor Coated tom batters and Ambassador Clear resonants; Powerstroke P3 bass drum batter (muffled with Evans EQ pad) and Ludwig Weather Master clear front with a Dynamo-protected 10″ hole

Accessories: Tama Rhythm Watch metronome

Hardware: DW 6000 series flat-base cymbal stands without wingnuts and 5000 series bass drum pedal, hi-hat, and snare stands; Pork Pie throne

Drumsticks: Vater 5B and various brushes and mallets


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