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On the Beat With Matthew Parkitny of Hands Like Houses: Talks Touring and Recording

Hey guys and girls! My name is Matthew Parkitny and I play drums in the band Hands Like Houses. I’m super stoked to be writing a little number here on the Modern Drummer “On the Beat” feature, so here we…

Modern Drummer
Apr 8, 2016

On the Beat With Aaron Hamel of Stone Cold Fox: Talks Listening and Understanding the Music

Hi! There are limited choices growing up in a small town, especially in music. I had the choice of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, or the one radio station, which was country music. I chose the Beatles, and have tried…

Modern Drummer
Apr 1, 2016

On The Beat with Anup Sastry of Monuments

Hi MD, my name is Anup Sastry and I play drums in a band called Monuments. Below is a video of me recording my band’s song “Quasimodo” for the Creative Live Boot Camp with engineer/producer Eyal Levi. We spent a…

Modern Drummer
Mar 28, 2016

On the Beat With Elton John Percussionist John Mahon: Recording Wonderful Crazy Night

Hi MD! I’ve been meaning to send you a little blurb about Elton John’s latest record and what we’ve been doing. The album Wonderful Crazy Night was released February 2016 and we have been playing promotional concerts starting in Los…

Modern Drummer
Mar 25, 2016

On the Beat With Jon Rotman of Eliot Lewis: Enjoying the Ride

Hey folks! My name is Jon Rotman and I have been a reader of Modern Drummer since 1977, when at age ten, my mom bought me my first copy with Chicago’s Danny Seraphine on the cover. That issue marked the…

Modern Drummer
Mar 23, 2016

On The Beat with Justin Nace of PVRIS: Practice and Play With Passion

Hi MD! When I was eight years old and dreaming of being a drummer, a local teacher told me that he wouldn’t work with me unless I switched from being a lefty to a righty, which was pretty disheartening. But…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2016

On the Beat With Daniel de los Reyes of Zac Brown Band: Talks New Percussion Line, Camps, and Tours

Hello MD! I am excited to tour again throughout the USA, Canada, and England in 2016. I’m also looking forward to performing at iconic stadiums like Citi Field (New York) and Fenway Park (Boston). This year has gotten off to…

Modern Drummer
Mar 16, 2016

On the Beat With Frank Zummo of Sum 41: Tours and New Projects

Hello Modern Drummer family! As I write this, I’m in Stuggart, Germany with Sum 41. We’re at the end of our three-and-a-half week European tour. The first leg of this run was the Kerrang! tour that took us all over…

Modern Drummer
Mar 7, 2016

On the Beat With Joey Sulkowski of Mainland: Getting Educated On and Off the Road

Hey-o, Modern Drummers! My name is Joey Sulkowski and I play drums for Mainland, a Brooklyn based rock band that just finished a tour with Canadian superheroes Marianas Trench. A large part of my life has been spent with various…

Modern Drummer
Mar 2, 2016

On the Beat With Dave Krusen of Candlebox: Talks Recording and Touring

Hello, I’m Dave Krusen, drummer for Candlebox. I’m originally from the Seattle area and I’ve been playing drums for a living since the mid-eighties. I was the original Pearl Jam drummer and recorded Pearl Jam’s debut studio album Ten before…

Modern Drummer
Feb 29, 2016

On the Beat With Ray Marte of Moon Tooth: Talks Influences, Improving, and Learning New Styles

Hello! There is not much that makes me happier than playing the drums. I started playing and taking lessons from Mark Edwards at South Shore Music in Massapequa, NY before I even knew how to write in cursive, or even…

Modern Drummer
Feb 26, 2016

On the Beat With Jason Ganberg from Deep Dark Blue and the TV Show Undateable: Live Television and New Ventures

Hey Modern Drummer readers! My name is Jason Ganberg, I’m a British drummer and have been living and working in Los Angeles for seven years now. It’s been quite a while since my last On the Beat, so thought I’d…

Modern Drummer
Feb 24, 2016

On the Beat With Luke Williams of Dead Letter Circus: Tips for Touring Drummers

Hi there guys, Luke Williams here from the Australian progressive rock band Dead Letter Circus. I’d like to speak with you about what sort of things I find helpful when it comes to playing drums in an internationally touring band…

Modern Drummer
Feb 19, 2016

On the Beat With Adam Box of Brothers Osborne: Your Day Belongs to You

Hello to my fellow drummers, road dogs, garage bangers, beat makers, and the like. I am often asked for advice on staying busy or scoring a decent gig. However, as everybody knows, there are no formulas or degrees that will…

Modern Drummer
Feb 12, 2016