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Trixon: Reborn!

This vintage white marine pearl Trixon kit comes to us from Chicago-based reader Jim Murray, who explains that the set was custom-built for him by superior craftsman Bain Creasy, of Huntington, WV, who has been restoring drums for over fifty years.

Jim met Bain at the Chicago Drum Show in 1995, and they have worked on several restoration projects together. Jim is a drummer, singer, and producer who has played in several bands, including Skip Towne and the Greyhounds and the Drunk Whisperers, has recorded commercials and jingles, and has been musical director for the films Carnival and Changingman. Jim’s influences include Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Jim Keltner, Ringo, Barrett Deems, and Clyde Stubblefield.

This Trixon drumset includes a mid-’60s 14x8x13 Telstar conical rack tom, a late-’50s 16x16x14 Telstar conical floor tom, a mid-’60s 26x14x18 Speedfire ellipsoidal/elliptical egg-shaped bass drum, a 2014 14x6x13 Castle Drums conical snare, and a late-’60s 20x16x16 Telstar conical bass drum recovered by George Folchi of Precision Drum.


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