The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based drummer Patrick “Pattycake” Morris custom ordered this 3.1 mm aluminum-shell drumset from Trick Drums. The kit features a unique pine-tree wrap, which the drummer specifically requested from the manufacturer.

“My idea for the kit came from being a carpenter for many years while also gigging on the weekends,” Morris explains. “I wanted a kit that looks realistic but that’s an eye-catching masterpiece. Some might question why I’d wrap aluminum to look like wood. For one, the shells sound amazing. I’m also now touring full-time all over the country, and I don’t have to worry about negative climatic effects on the shells while travelling from state to state. Plus, with all the research I’d done, I couldn’t find a wrap that suited me. Contacting Trick was a blessing, because they made my dream a reality.”

The kit consists of an 18×22 bass drum, 10×12 and 10×14 toms, and a 16×16 floor tom. In addition, Morris has included two 6″ Octobans and a 6×20 gong drum, and had the drumset’s rims and lugs powder coated.

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