When I’m choosing new hardware, my main concern is the balance between weight and sturdiness. Stands need to be light enough to not break my back during setup but sturdy enough to keep my drums and cymbals firmly in place. Canopus satisfies both concerns with its new Hybrid series, which comprises heavy-duty, double-braced designs made with lightweight aluminum components. The line includes a throne, a snare stand, a straight/boom cymbal stand, and a hi-hat.


The throne is the most straightforward item in the series. It features a sturdy tripod base, a round seat top covered in breathable sisal-hemp fabric, and a corkscrew-style height adjustment that ranges between 20.5″ and 28.3″. The seat is firm yet comfortable, and the base is sturdy. The one downside is that the seat top is almost as heavy as the base, due to the thick steel plate on the underside of the cushion. The base is impressively light at 7.3 pounds, so to see it paired with a heavy seat top weighing 6.2 pounds is somewhat disappointing.

Snare Stand

The snare stand is compact but seemingly indestructible. It features all-metal components and sturdy rubber feet where the basket meets the drum and the legs meet the floor. The wing nut-operated angle adjustment has a gearless tilter that allows for smooth motion in any direction. The base has a low center of gravity and feels stable enough to keep even very heavy drums in place with ease. The basket can accommodate drums as large as 15″ in diameter and has a height range of 17.3″ to 22.4″. Though heavy-duty, this stand weighs a mere 7.5 pounds.

Straight/Boom Stand

The cymbal stand features double-braced legs and a low center of gravity, which provide increased stability when needed, such as when holding a heavy cymbal with the boom fully extended. The convertible boom mechanism is easy to adjust and includes memory locks for quick setup. The arm is made of a hollow steel rod that’s lighter than a typical boom arm but just as sturdy. As on the snare stand, the cymbal stand’s tilter is gearless. Once tightened, the tilter holds its place, even with large, heavy cymbals. Though all of the Hybrid series stands include aluminum and steel parts, this combination is most notable with the cymbal stand. Compared to a traditional double-braced boom stand, the Canopus Hybrid stand is about thirty percent lighter, weighing just 6.8 pounds.


The most unusual item in the Hybrid hardware series is the hi-hat, which uses a unique double-chain-and-lever mechanism. The pull system is quite fast, and the pedal response is strong. I found that I had to lighten my foot and move farther back on the footboard in order to not overplay my paper-thin hi-hats. When using a set of medium-weight Zildjian New Beats, I felt like there was nothing attached to the clutch, and the cymbals moved perfectly parallel with my foot. To test how the stand performed under more extreme stress, I swapped the New Beats for a couple of 20″ rides. I had to increase the spring tension a bit, but the stand still handled the oversized, heavy hi-hats as if they were a normal set.

The Hybrid hi-hat stand also features a memory lock for height, a locking clutch nut, swiveling legs, and a solid floor plate lined with hook-and-loop fasteners for extra stability. The solid base plate folds up nicely and is secured in place via drum key-operated bolts on either side. The only thing about this stand I didn’t love was the rubber grommet used to cradle the bottom cymbal—I found that it dampened the sound a bit too much. Swapping the rubber piece with a traditional felt solved that issue.The stand (without cymbals) weighs 9.9 pounds. Purchase now from Amazon.

The Verdict

Even though they’re impressively lightweight, Hybrid series stands are still relatively heavy. For instance, they weigh more than the ultra-light, single-braced hardware I use with my regular gigging kit. However, if you’re in the market for the most sturdy and reliable stands you can buy, these are an excellent choice and are substantially lighter than most offerings of comparable design. And even if you’re not looking for ultra-sturdy hardware, the quick response and effortless action of the Hybrid hi-hat stand make it something you should try out for yourself.