TD-17 V-Drums

These electronic kits feature newly developed pads, coaching functions, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The head tension of the PDX-12 snare pad can be adjusted for natural rebound, while the height of the snare hoop is ideal for hitting rimshots from a natural angle. The VH-10 hi-hat mounts on an acoustic stand and offers advanced triggering with continuous open/close detection and bow/edge sounds. A new sound module with advanced Prismatic sound modeling is said to reproduce the character and tone of acoustic drums, with fast response time, wide dynamic range, and natural tonal changes. Purchase now from Amazon.

Mattoon Drums and Percussion

Composite Wood and Cast-Aluminum Snares

Mattoon now offers rosewood/maple composite shells and seamless, cast-aluminum snares in addition to the brand’s standard 8-ply and single-ply maple drums. Mattoon snares feature hand-turned solid-brass lugs and are custom built. List prices start at $599.


Select Balance Rebound Maple Drumsticks

New maple Rebound 7A, 5A, 55A, and 5B models feature a 3″ taper for optimized finesse and agility and a round tip for a bright, full tone that’s articulate on drums and cymbals. List price is $17.50 per pair. Purchase now from Amazon.


Roadshow Jr. Drumset

This drumset package is scaled down to be more comfortable for smaller drummers. The five-piece kit features white poplar shells and includes a 4×12 snare drum, 5×8 and 5.5×10 toms, an 8×13 floor tom, and a 10×16 bass drum. A 13″ crash, 10″ hi-hats, and a full set of hardware round out the set, which is available in Jet Black and Grindstone Sparkle finishes. Purchase now from Amazon.

List price is $499.


City Pack Cymbal Set

This four-cymbal set is designed for smaller drumkits and percussion setups. The 18″ Uptown ride is said to deliver a controlled, dry sound with pronounced stick definition and minimal overtones and sustain. The 12″ New Beat hi-hats are an all-purpose combination of clean stick attack and crisp foot “chick.” The thin 14″ Fast crash provides a bright, full attack followed by a quick and smooth decay. The set lists for $389.95. Purchase now from Amazon.


Drum App

The Melodics drum app provides step-by-step lessons, from simple patterns to more complex structures, with instant visual feedback on timing and accuracy. The app includes sixty free lessons and works with any electronic drumkit that sends MIDI information over USB. A subscription service offers more than 100 hours of lessons made by international artists, with new tracks added every week.


G3 and G5 Series Hardware

Available as individual pieces or in a pack, the G3 hardware series comprises straight and boom cymbal stands, a hi-hat, a snare stand, and a single-chain bass drum pedal. Features include 3 mm tube joints with smooth-action brass inserts, isolating rubber feet, T-rod thumbscrews and wing nuts, rubber cymbal tilters, and white felts. Purchase now from Amazon.

G5 hardware features a double-chain bass drum pedal, 4 mm double-braced legs, a ball-and-socket angle adjuster on the snare stand, and an optional double tom stand. Purchase now from Amazon.