Gretsch Catalina Series Additions

Gretsch Catalina

The Catalina Special Edition kit features 7-ply all-birch shells, 30-degree bearing edges, a round tom mount on the bass drum, GTS suspension mounts, and Gretsch-branded thumbscrews and bolts. A limited number of Ebony Satin and Blue Silver Duco sets are available in two different configurations. List prices are $1,333.99 and $1,416.99.

The Catalina Maple series is now available in a five-piece shell pack featuring a 22″ bass drum, 10″ and 12″ rack toms, a 16″ floor tom, and a 14″ snare. A new Black Stardust lacquer finish has also been added to the line. List price is $1,416.99.

Finally, all six Catalina Club configurations are now available in Bronze Sparkle lacquer finish. List prices range from $999.99 to $1,499.99. See it at your local Gretsch dealer and from Amazon.

Latin Percussion Raul Pineda Signature Cowbells

Latin Percussion

The Raul Pineda Signature 7″ Songo cowbell and 8.5″ Foot Bell are manufactured in the USA from single pieces of steel and are finished in an Antique Bronze coating. A patented vice-clamp mount fits rods from 9 to 12.5 mm, and a memory lock is included. The Songo cowbell lists for $84.99, and the Foot Bell is $92.99. Get it from your local dealer or from Amazon.

Gon Bops Mariano Djembe

Gon Bops Mariano Djembe

Made of durian wood, this lightweight 10″ djembe is designed to deliver strong bass and high, cutting slaps. The compact top ring fits tight to the player’s body, and the Remo Black Suede head is smooth to the touch and provides warmth and articulation. See it at your local dealer or from Amazon.


DW 5000 Series Single-Chain Bass Drum Pedals

DW now offers a single-chain Accelerator cam bass drum pedal that includes the original 5000 series footboard shape. Features include a Tri-Pivot toe clamp, a lightweight aluminum bass plate with rubber grip, a dual-bearing spring rocker, and a two-way beater. List price is $349.99 for a single pedal and $749.99 for a double pedal. Check it out at your local DW dealer and or from Amazon.

64 Audio Custom In-Ear Monitors

64 Audio Custom In-Ear Monitors

A6t and A4t in-ear monitors feature 64 Audio’s proprietary technology that eliminates sound-altering tubes and dampers while yielding a smooth frequency response. The A3e in-ear monitor is designed to provide clarity and warmth from all instruments and within all genres. All three models feature 64 Audio’s patent-pending vent that reduces listening fatigue by releasing air pressure.

Nordic Drum Shells

Nordic Drum Shells

Employing five full-time woodworking drummers, Nordic offers eleven types of drum shells, including ash, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and combinations such as cherry/mahogany and walnut/ash.

Vater Classics Series Drumsticks

Vater Classic Series sticks

Vater’s Classics series consists of six hickory models that are lathe-turned to traditional specs in 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 8D Jazz, and Big Band sizes. List price is $16.25 for wood-tip models and $16.75 for nylon-tip versions.