Ryan "RyMo" Moran

When we caught up with RyMo at a Slightly Stoopid show, he had already logged three tours with this setup. “I was using a standard five-piece kit for years,” he says. “Then through touring with more reggae artists, like Sly Dunbar and Squidly Cole, who plays for Stephen Marley, I was influenced by how they use that higher tom sort of like a timbale, in terms of having that slight bit of twang.”

The use of electronics and sampling has become the norm in many different genres of music. Moran says it’s an important part of Slightly Stoopid’s set because in a lot of songs he’s triggering one-shot samples, like a dub snare with washy reverb or delay, from one of the auxiliary pads.

Moving on to his drumheads, RyMo says that he chose Evans Onyx batters because they were warm in tonality and very durable, usually lasting about ten shows without losing their round, dark tone. “With the toms, I want them to speak for their own size,” he says. “The higher tom is cranked, so there are a lot of melodic possibilities. I have four toms, so I think of them as very high, medium-high, medium-low, and low. I like a fatter floor tom sound, so we use a kick mic on it.” For tuning the kick, Moran gives each tension rod a couple of twists so that it has a note but still has a deep, chesty thud. There’s also a pillow inside.

Ryan "RyMo" Moran

Drums: Pearl Reference Pure in Emerald to Black finish

A. 6.5×14 steel snare
B. 8×8 tom
C. 9×10 tom
D. 10×12 tom
E. 16×16 fl oor tom
F. 16×22 bass drum
G. 13″ brass timbale
H. 6.5×14 20-ply maple snare (backup)

Cymbals: Istanbul Agop

1. 15″ Traditional medium hi-hats
2. 17″ Xist crash
3. 10″ Xist splash
4. 18″ Xist crash
5. 8″ Xist splash
6. 8″ Alchemy splash
7. 17″ Xist crash
8. 22″ Xist medium ride
9. 14″ Alchemy medium hi-hats (closed)
10. 18″ Alchemy China

Drumheads: Evans ST Dry or EC Reverse Dot snare batters and 300 Series snare sides, Onyx tom batters and Onyx Resonant heads, Onyx bass drum batter and logo front, G1 Clear on timbale

Hardware: Pearl Eliminator hi-hat stand and double bass drum pedal (blue cams), S1030 snare stand, and ICON three-sided rack with boom arms; Porter and Davies BC2 Gigster tactile throne on a Pearl Roadster base

Sticks: Vic Firth 5B

Percussion: Pearl high and low clave blocks and two percussion tables

Electronics: Roland SPD-SX multipad, PD-9 trigger pad, and BT-1 bar trigger pad

Accessories: Ultimate Ears Pro UE 7 in-ear monitors with a Shure hardwired body pack