Kit of the Month

David Levit, a drummer, educator, and sound engineer based in Mount Prospect, Illinois, pieced together this month’s featured kit from various vintage drums he collected throughout his career. The kit consists of a 1929 Ludwig 14×24 bass drum with DW clamp-on spurs, a 1936 Leedy and Strupe 7×14 snare, a 1953 Slingerland 13×15 marching snare converted into a floor tom, and a 1970 Werco 8×12 rack tom. The setup is outfitted with Yamaha and DW hardware.

“The Ludwig bass drum was picked out from the garbage of a music store that I worked at that was closing down,” Levit says. “I literally crawled into a massive dumpster to get it—I almost had to be rescued to get out! And the L&S snare was in horrible shape, with most of its original finish scraped away. A grade school had the snare under a pile of other broken gear and gave it to me as partial payment for repairing their sound system. The band director was thrilled to get rid of his ‘garbage’ to get a reduced price for the job.”

Levit says that he had to recently retire the kit’s Werco rack tom. “It has internal plies coming loose that cause a rattling sound,” he explains. “But it has sentimental value, as it was a part of my very first drumset—although it’s certainly not a drum with any monetary value.” Levit says that he’s hoping to work with Jim Moritz of the Chicago Drum company to either rework or refinish the tom to complete the set.

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