“I’ve been with Pearl since 1997,” says Noah “Wuv” Bernardo. “This was my first acrylic kit, so I didn’t know how it was going to sound. But in the venues we’re playing, once we miked them up, I knew they’d be awesome.

“I was always a wood guy,” Wuv continues. “I started switching things up, using maple toms and a mahogany kick for a deeper sound. The first acrylic kit I played was Ray Luzier’s, when we toured with Korn in

Europe. I didn’t bring anything because Ray said to just use his drums, and it was awesome. I’ve since been playing this acrylic kit for the last year.”

We asked Wuv about how he likes to hear his drums. “The acrylic kits are higher pitched, which is cool because our guitarist and bass player’s tones are low and heavy; I always needed to use smaller drums to cut through,” he says. “Then when I went to the acrylic kit, my sound cut even more, which I like.”

Regarding his snare sound, Wuv says, “I want a full sound that’s not too marching snare–ish. It’s at a medium tension, but it has some crack. The bottom is hand-tightened as much as I can, and then followed by a half turn with the drum key. It’s not so tight that the snare wires don’t resonate. I play a lot of ghost notes, even in the heavy music we play.”

When asked about how other drummers could develop their own style, Bernardo says, “Do your thing. I never learned technique; I just let my band naturally guide me in the way I play drums. I think that’s the best way to learn. Bless you if you go to school and learn technique or read music. But sometimes when I see people that get their technique together first, they’re so trained that their style doesn’t come with it. They can’t think outside the technical. Other people’s advice may be the opposite of mine, but I got into bands and playing drums because it’s fun. So have fun!”

Drums: Pearl Crystal Beat with Drumlite lighting system
A. 6×14 Master’s Custom 20-ply snare
B. 8″ prototype tom
C. 10×12 tom
D. 8×10 tom
E. 14×14 floor tom
F. 14×16 floor tom
G. 20×22 bass drum

Not shown: 6×14 Reference Series snare (spare)

Drumheads: Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 snare batter, Clear Ambassador on top and bottom of toms, Clear Powerstroke Pro on bass drum batter, and custom logo front

Sticks: Vic Firth

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 14″ hi-hats (New Beat top and A Custom bottom)
2. 17″ A Custom crash
3. 12″ FX Spiral Stacker over 14″ A Custom EFX
4. 19″ EFX crash
5. 19″ A Custom crash
6. 23″ A Sweet ride

Not shown: 18″ Oriental China Trash

Hardware: Pearl Demon chain-drive double pedal, motorcycle-style Roadster throne, 1050 series hi-hat stand, and 1030 series snare, cymbal, and tom stands

Electronics: Roland SPD-SX multipad