One Beat Better is a Philadelphia-based company that makes a unique hybrid idiophone/practice pad called Timbre Jam. Available in a variety of woods (maple, birch, walnut, and poplar), Timbre Jams produce a tonal sound that’s a cross between a tongue drum, a woodblock, and a temple block, but with a pleasingly subdued attack. These square, wood instruments feature an open area just under the rubber playing surface, which can be stuffed with an included hard-foam dampening block to mute the sound for quieter practice sessions. As a practice pad, the Timbre Jam has an amazing feel and great rebound. Without the foam mute, you get a very musical and subtle woodblock sound from every strike. One Beat Better offers Timbre Jams with three different-sized openings to change the pitch (high, medium, and low). This allows you to combine sev