Canadian company Dream built its reputation by producing thin, vintage-style cymbals at low price points. But its catalog also includes a range of cleaner and heavier models, the Energy series, which are designed for more contemporary playing styles. We were sent some of the latest additions to the Energy series (19″ crash, 21″ crash-ride, and 21″ ride) as well as the partially lathed 21″ Eclipse ride from the raw, dry Dark Matter lineup. Let’s check them out.

Energy Series Additions

The Energy series is meant for players who require explosive crashes with smooth decay and rides with extra ping and stronger bell tones but don’t want to sacrifice the warmth and richness found in handcrafted cymbals. All Energy series models feature finely lathed tops and bottoms and raw bells.

The 19″ Energy crash is medium weight, which helps increase its power and projection, but it still has a soft, flexible feel. It has a fairly bright and flashy attack, clean and breathy sustain, and a moderately quick decay. The raw bell provides a nice, metallic tone, and you can get a decent amount of articulation from riding on the bow. This cymbal is a great all-purpose option for players favoring larger crash sizes.

The medium-weight 21″ Energy crash-ride feels a touch firmer than the 19″ crash, but it still opens up easily and has a big, balanced sustain. The bell tone has a clear, full tone while also integrating nicely within the wash. The ride sound has a bit of vintage complexity but with more ping than you’d get from a thinner cymbal. This model would be an excellent choice for minimalist setups that require cymbals to serve equally as a crash and a ride.

The 21″ Energy ride is medium-heavy, but it has the flex and soft feel of a thinner cymbal. This one has the cleanest tone of the three, so the ride and bell tones cut a bit more without being overly bright or metallic sounding. The 21″ crash-ride has a more complex voice that’s better suited for crashing, but the 21″ ride can be hit on the edge for slower and more enveloping accents. Again, this is an excellent all-purpose cymbal that would sit well in most applications, from rock to contemporary jazz/fusion.

Eclipse Ride

The Dark Matter series comprises a range of unique raw-looking cymbals that are matured over several months via multiple rounds of heat exposure. The result of that proprietary process is a deep, articulate sound with

gritty undertones.

The 21″ Eclipse ride is a medium-heavy cymbal that’s been lathed from the middle of the bow to the edge in order to introduce a broader wash while retaining the Dark Matter series’ signature dry attack. There’s a noticeable increase in articulation when moving the stick from the lathed to the unlathed portions, and the bell has a deep, earthy tone.

This cymbal responded surprisingly quickly to edge strikes, producing a full, rich crash, but the sustain dies down quickly so you can shift right back to riding the bow without losing clarity. This is another great option for players who require multiple voices from a single cymbal, especially those who play styles of music that require quick, nimble ride patterns.