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Dream Cymbals

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Dream Cymbals – Dark Matter Bliss and Vintage Bliss

Canadian company Dream introduced the drumming world to its dry, raw, twice-torched Dark Matter cymbals in 2010, and they’ve remained top-sellers ever since. Meanwhile, the Bliss series—one of Dream’s original lines—continues to motor on, providing players with warm, dark, and…

By Michael Dawson
Jun 18, 2021

Dream - Re-Fx Naughty Saucer

Canadian cymbal maker Dream initiated a unique recycling program several years ago in which it collects broken or unwanted instruments from customers and cuts them into interesting special effects. The Re-Fx model we have for review this month, which was…

by Michael Dawson
Jan 31, 2018

Dream - Energy Series Additions and Dark Matter Eclipse Ride

Canadian company Dream built its reputation by producing thin, vintage-style cymbals at low price points. But its catalog also includes a range of cleaner and heavier models, the Energy series, which are designed for more contemporary playing styles. We were…

by Michael Dawson
Nov 30, 2017

Dream - Paper-Thin Crashes, TriHats, and Libor Hadrava Stacks

Since 2005, Dream Cymbals and Gongs has been providing competitively priced handcrafted instruments that are designed by professional Canadian percussionists and manufactured by expert metalsmiths in China. The company’s product line includes traditional Chinese effects (Lion, Han, and Jing), interesting…

Michael Dawson
Feb 17, 2017