Matthew Strauss Signature Sticks

This signature stick series is the first in the Promark catalog to use persimmon, a preferred wood type among concert percussionists for its strength, comfortable weight, and density.

The .670″x17″ General Concert Stick features a long, arrow-shaped tip that provides enhanced surface contact to create full-bodied tones and smoother rolls. The 3″ taper gives this drumstick a nimble feel with plenty of rebound. List price is $35.

The .630″x15.875″ Staccato Concert Stick features a small, injection-molded nylon tip that creates bright tones for increased clarity from the drum. The combination of a short front end and a rear taper gives this stick a forward-balanced feel that helps propel the momentum at soft dynamics. List price is $40.


aDrums Artist Drums

These electronic drums feature an extended dynamic range and are ideal for drummers looking for an acoustic playing experience right out of the box. Kits are available in Standard and Expanded aD5 setups, and configurations without the module are also available.


Pro360 Cymbal Mutes

Cymbomute Pro360 Cymbal Mutes are made from a new fabric-and-silicone material. The silicone bumper, which features a four-strand yellow reinforcement stripe, receives the impact of the stick, while the fabric absorbs the sound. Pro360s are available in four individual sizes, and list prices range from $13.19 to $17.15.


Jack DeJohnette HHX Shimmering 75 Ride

This new limited-edition ride celebrates DeJohnette’s seventy-fifth birthday. Triple-hammered and buffed for shimmer and glassiness, the medium-weight Shimmering 75 is designed for a controlled, musical ride, with great warmth and ample sustain. The bell sounds solid without being piercing.


Drum Dampeners

Drumdots are engineered to control ring without sacrificing natural tone. Made of the proprietary polymer VTem, Drumdots can be used on any coated or uncoated drumhead, cymbal, or cowbell. Available in original and miniature sizes, Drumdots are said to be easily removable, reusable, and durable, and they will not melt, lose shape, or leave a residue.