No touring musician is exempt from the grueling demands of life on the road. Whether he’s playing sold-out arenas with John Mayer or Eric Clapton or hip clubs with Robert Cray or the Verbs, Steve Jordan has ten things that he always keeps close by. “They keep me sane and fit,” he says.

1. Yoga Mat

I’ve been doing yoga for a long time. It keeps me not only fit and loose, but centered. It’s really important for your overall well-being. Sometimes we go from the stage right to the car, to the plane, to the next city. It’s hard to unwind after the show. We have very irregular sleep schedules, so a yoga mat is essential.

2. Penta Water

Penta water is ultra-pure with no additives. It’s fast-hydration, patented-process water. It’s my favorite, and it keeps me good.

3. Workout Clothing

It’s always good to have some workout clothing with you, just in case you have time to go to the gym. If you have time, you can also run for twenty to thirty minutes. The combination of cardio and yoga really is a good thing for me.

4. Instant Organic Oatmeal

I always have some instant organic oatmeal just in case I get to a hotel and they don’t know what they’re doing with the breakfast thing. It’s very important to me.

5. Journal

I always have a journal with me to document how the shows went, to have an overall view of what I’m doing, to look into the future, and to look at what happened a week or so ago. If something was happening and I feel like I need to adjust, I can refer to my notes.

6. Listening Device and Good Headphones

A lot of times you don’t have enough room to carry a lot of stuff, so a really great pair of headphones is nice.

7. Comfortable Travel Clothing

Often you run off the stage and then you’re in some restricted garb for travel. It’s good to be able to make a quick change, and then you can get loose and everything is cool.

8. Organic Fruit

Any food that is organic is paramount for me, but fruit is very important. Organic bananas and apples are fantastic. Those are essential.

9. Killer Pair of Shades

It’s always good to have a killer pair of shades. I always have cool shades, whether it’s Dita, Oliver Goldsmith, Oak, or whatever.

10. Positive Frame of Mind

The main thing for me is your frame of mind on the road. Know that you’re going out there to have a good time, to give the people a wonderful performance, and to spread the good cheer. As musicians, we are ambassadors of good will. That shouldn’t ever be forgotten. Once you have that in your psyche, it puts things in perspective while you’re traveling.