June 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 6


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Articles in June 1985

Individual Hand Control

An effective way to develop control and strength with two hands is to look at the hands individually, one at a time. This is a good way to identify the problems in each hand and to concentrate on the solution…

by Glen A. Bush
Sep 6, 2018

International Drummers’ Meeting

For the third year in a row, Drumland (a division of the Pro Sound music chain in Germany) recently presented their International Drummers' Meeting in Koblenz. The director of Drumland—and host for this event—is Jurge Mader. Each year, Jurge brings…

by Roy Burns
Sep 6, 2018

Simple Minds’ Mel Gaynor

Mel Gaynor may be a modest, unassuming guy off stage, but behind his intimidating black drumkit, he speaks with a loud, dominant voice. Gaynor’s percussive contributions have helped Scotland’s Simple Minds develop their distinctively rich, but nevertheless, visceral, sound. Before…

by Bill Wolfe
Sep 6, 2018

Wilby Fletcher

While Wilby Fletcher is gaining a solid reputation for his steady work with such jazz notables as McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter, James Moody and Ahmad Jamal, he is not locked into that single idiom. The 30-year-old drummer is equally proud…

by Bill Milkowski
Sep 6, 2018

Martin Drew — British Jazz

Jazz music is an American art form and, understandably, it is dominated by American performers. However one of the most respected small groups in jazz today, the Oscar Peterson Trio, is led by a brilliant Canadian pianist accompanied by a…

by Simon Goodwin
Sep 6, 2018

Jerry Allison — Rock Pioneer

Rock ’n’roll was born in the 1950s. The music that came out of that era laid a foundation for rock musicians to follow for years to come. Jerry Allison was one of those founding members of rock ’n’roll, coming to…

by William F. Miller
Sep 6, 2018

Mickey Curry — The Man Behind The Big Bam Boom

About four years ago, Mickey Curry’s life changed radically. From the club band he had been playing with, he went straight into the major leagues, recording with Hall & Oates and Bryan Adams. He was out on the road with…

by Robyn Flans
Sep 6, 2018

Steve Jordan

It’s 4:00 in the afternoon, and the set of Late Night With David Letterman is crowded with people. Cameramen are setting up shots, electricians are adjusting lights, stagehands are moving things around, various assistants are checking innumerable details, and Steve…

by Rick Mattingly
Sep 6, 2018