February 1987 - Volume 11 • Number 2 - Modern Drummer Magazine

February 1987 – Volume 11 • Number 2

Anton Fig, Connie Kay, Jerry Kroon, Neil Peart, Elvin Jones, Billy Cobham, Susan Evans, Steve Jordan, Kenny Washington, Buddy Williams, Barrett Deems, Gary Wallis, Butch Miles, Steve Smith

Articles in February 1987

Up & Coming

Gary Wallis

One might assume that Gary Wallis, at the age of 22, is just past the beginning stages of his drum and percussion session career. However, he passed that point long ago. Ever since he received his first drumkit (a Broadway)…

by Claudia Cooper
Mar 20, 2019

Barrett Deems—World's Fastest Drummer

Chicago after World War II still had an area in the Loop that abounded with bright lights and jazz. The big swing bands played at the Hotel Sherman, and clubs such as the Capitol cocktail lounge, the Brass Rail, the…

by Tracy Borst
Mar 20, 2019

Teaching By Intimidation

Imagine how you would feel if, on your first drum lesson with a new teacher, the teacher said, "Can't you do anything right?" or "You don't even know how to hold a pair of drumsticks!" or how about, "You mean…

by Roy Burns
Mar 20, 2019

Creative Triplets For The Advanced Player: Part 1

The following two-part article has been designed to help you improve your ability to fill or solo using syncopated jazz figures amidst an underlying pulse of 8th-note triplets. The ideas presented here will help you solo more effectively, aid in…

by Mark Hurley
Mar 20, 2019

Jerry Kroon - Nashville Studio

The Business Of Music This interview should be required reading for anyone contemplating moving to Nashville to attempt to break into the studio scene. Studio drummer Jerry Kroon addresses issues of, problems with, and feelings about his work, the artists,…

by Robyn Flans
Mar 20, 2019