Christian Morissette’s Rig is Ready for Any Style

Christian Morissette is a psychologist in Quebec, Canada, who somehow finds the time to not only pursue his passion for drumming, but also to do session work, run a home studio, teach drum clinics, and even offer group drum lessons for children’s birthday parties.

“Active drummers must master all musical styles, and always have the right tones for the job,” he says. “My DW kit and Meinl cymbals offer me an incredible choice of sounds.”

Morissette’s main tonal palette is comprised of a DW Collector Series kit with three bass drums (20", 22", and 26"), 10" and 12" rack toms, and 14" and 16" (not pictured) floor toms. Depending on the gig, he can switch between a 5.5x13 DW Aluminum Snare and a 4x13 PDP Eric Hernandez “Panda” Signature Model. His pedal is a DW Double MCD. Drumheads are Evans EC2 and UV1, and his drumsticks are ProMark 747B Super Rock Hickory with nylon tips (for rock and pop) and ProMark 7A Long Maple (for jazz). He obviously has a thing for Meinl Byzance cymbals, as he has bonded with the model line for his 10" Dark Splash; 10" Dual Splash; 16", 17", and 18" Jazz Medium Crashes; 20" Dark Ride; 21" Jazz Nuance Ride; 22" Jazz China Ride; and 13" Dark Hi-Hats. Everything is moved and stored in Protection Racket cases.


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