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Gruv Gear – VELOC Drum Transport

Gruv Gear is a lifestyle-accessories brand that provides musicians with thoughtful and innovative products that help keep things organized, efficient, and stylish. We reviewed the company’s stick and accessory bags in the November 2020 issue, and we were blown away by the supreme quality, innovative features, and contemporary aesthetic. This time, we check out the VELOC Drum Transport system for moving a complete five-piece drumset in and out of a gig quickly and efficiently.

In addition to an innovative magnetic cart (more on this later), the complete VELOC nine-piece system includes cases for an 18x22 bass drum, 8x10 and 10x12 rack toms, a 14x16 floor tom, a 6x14 snare, and a 19x12 double pedal, as well as 22" cymbal and a 19x36x10 hardware bags. All of the bags and cases feature a Global Recovery Tag (powered by HomingPIN) that can help find your VELOC bags in more than 2,800 airports across the continents. If your bags ever go their own way, a baggage handler—or another traveler—can scan the tag’s QR code and type in your tag number, and you’ll receive a notification email and text that tells you how to retrieve your bags. When you purchase a case, you get one year of tracking for free. (Renewals are reportedly $6 per tag thereafter.)


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