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Roland – VAD306 Compact Electronic Drumset

This past year, Roland unveiled the new VAD (V-Drums Acoustic Design) series. These innovative drums provide a familiar acoustic drumset look and playing experience, but with all the technological advantages of their electronic mod-ules, mesh pads, and rubber cymbals. We tested the original full-sized setup, the VAD506, in the January issue and we were blown away by how seamlessly it made the shift from an acoustic kit to electronic. That kit, along with the newly released VAD706, sport full-sized drum shells and large cymbals. The kit we have for review this month, the VAD306, applies much of that same realis-tic experience to a smaller and more compact configuration.

What You Get

The VAD306 is a five-piece kit that includes an 18" shallow-shell KD-180L-BK bass drum, a 12" PDA120LS-BK mesh-head snare, two 10" PDA100L-BK mesh-head rack toms, one 12" PDA120L-BK mesh-head floor tom, two 12" CY-12C two-zone rubber-coated crashes, a 13" CY-13R rubber-coated three-zone ride, and a 10" VH-10 rubber-coated hi-hat and controller.

Roland includes three double-braced boom stands with L-arm tom mounts in place of a traditional electronic drumset rack. The hi-hat pad and controller fit any standard hi-hat stand, and the snare pad sits securely in whatever stand you have available.


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June 2021 Issue