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On the Beat with Nathan Curran aka Tugg of Basement Jaxx: Talks Session Work, Artists, and Tours

  Hi Modern Drummer! My name is Nathan Curran, aka Tugg, and I’ve been drumming since I was ten. When I first picked up a pair of sticks, I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my…

Modern Drummer
Jun 8, 2017

On the Beat with Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz of “Weird Al” Yankovic: Talks Longevity, Hit Albums, and Future Tour

  Hello MD readers! I’ve been drumming with “Weird Al” Yankovic since late-1980, and if you’d told me I’d still be doing that thirty-seven years later, I would have said you were crazy! And when I tell someone that I…

Modern Drummer
Mar 30, 2017

On the Beat with Heath Fields from Shallow Side: Talks Beginnings, Overcoming Adversity, and New Album

Hello fellow MD readers. My name is Heath Fields and I’m the drummer for the band Shallow Side, from Cullman, Alabama. It’s an honor to be a part of the On the Beat family! I wasn’t always into drumming. Growing…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2017

On the Beat with Tayo Branston of Five Alarm Funk: Sweat, Touring, and Drummers Up Front

Hey everyone! This is my first time communicating with MD and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be incorporated into a forum with such amazing talents and inspirations. I want to take some time today to update you on our…

Modern Drummer
Mar 9, 2017

On the Beat with Stephen Bidwell of Hard Proof: Talks New Album and Gear

Greetings drumming friends! I’m Stephen Bidwell, a drummer based in Austin, Texas and a sometime contributor to MD since 2008. The same year Mike Dawson first asked me to review some cymbals for MD I began assembling what started as…

Modern Drummer
Feb 7, 2017

On the Beat with Bam Ross of Jo Dog & the Desperados

Hey, MD readers! Bam here. I’m humbled to write an On the Beat entry for you. Some of you might know me from my past with the Dogs D’Amour and the Wildhearts and Bubble. I’m happy to find that fans…

Modern Drummer
Jan 17, 2017

On the Beat with Session Drummer Jonathan Ulman: Shares 2016 Highlights and Talks New Year

Hey, Modern Drummer readers! My name is Jonathan Ulman, and I am a session drummer/percussionist from Boston, Massachusetts. First, I would like to take a minute to say how honored I am to talk a little bit about my career…

Modern Drummer
Jan 10, 2017

On the Beat with Jon Busby of Sparrows: Talks Influences, Setup, and New Album

Hello fellow Modern Drummer readers! My name is Jon Busby. I want to first say how humbled I am to write an On The Beat web post for Modern Drummer magazine. Ever since I started playing drums at the age…

Modern Drummer
Nov 22, 2016

On the Beat with Danny “Dangry” Grossarth of Candiria: Talks Opportunities and New Record

What’s up, Modern Drummer readers! My name is Danny “Dangry” Grossarth and I have the exciting honor of playing drums in Candiria. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, where my parents were able to cultivate and encourage…

Modern Drummer
Nov 10, 2016

On the Beat with Emily Estefan: Talks Musical Passions, New Album, and YouTube Channel

Greetings, earthlings! Emily Estefan here wanting to share a little bit about my musical journey. I grew up on the sides of stages watching some of the most incredible musicians playing their instruments for the world to hear—I was literally…

Modern Drummer
Nov 9, 2016

On the Beat with Ernie Durawa of the Texas Tornados: Talks Projects and Performances

Well, 2017 seems to be approaching fast! There are a lot of great music performances and some tours and recordings to talk about. I am currently going on my fourth year of a residency show at the coolest and best…

Modern Drummer
Oct 27, 2016

On the Beat with Tazz Washington: “Promise of the Sun”

Hello MD, Tazz Washington reaching out with a video that I am very excited to share with you. The “Promise of the Sun” is a piece that signifies the awakening of the human spirit, the warrior spirit, and the spirit…

Modern Drummer
Oct 26, 2016

On The Beat with Daniel Adair of Nickelback: Singing and Playing the Drums

Hello, MD! For those of you who don’t know my story outside of Nickelback, here’s a short introduction. My roots go back to Vancouver in the ’90s when I was a workaholic playing with three to five bands at any…

Modern Drummer
Oct 20, 2016

On the Beat with Corky Laing of Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing: Looking Back and Facing Forward

Hi there MD readers, Corky here. As some of you may know, I have been a professional drummer for half a century. You might remember me from such bands as Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing. What I find wonderful…

Modern Drummer
Oct 14, 2016