Superstar Hyper-Drive Duo Drumkit

Tama’s new Superstar Hyper-Drive Duo features maple shells with black nickel hardware, die-cast hoops, and the aluminum Star-Cast mounting system. The 10×14 Duo snare drum doubles as a floor tom and an extra-deep snare. The drumkit is available in two configurations and in Flat Black, Satin Blue, and Satin Silver Vertical Stripe finishes. List prices for the drumkits are $1,399.99 and $1,999.98.



Artbeat Artist Collection

Remo’s new Artbeat Artist collection features original artwork by drummer Aric Improta of the band Night Verses.

The Artbeat cajon features Aric’s Aux Moon graphic. The Quick Wedge coil springs can be removed to achieve a pure bass tone without the snare sound. The djembe comes with a Black Suede drumhead. The Artbeat tambourine features a Skyndeep head with Improta’s New Sun graphic and has a hand-painted Acousticon shell with a single row of jingles.

Artbeat drumheads are available in sizes 10″ to 16″. The tom heads are constructed with two plies of 7-mil Clear Emperor film for added durability. The snare head is constructed with a ply of 10-mil Skyndeep Suede film and has a 5-mil clear reverse dot for overtone control.



Dyna-Sonic Snare

This new ten-lug snare is based on the design of the original model. The shell is constructed of North American hardwoods and is finished in White Marine Pearl, Black Diamond Pearl, or Silver Sparkle with cast, chromed hardware. The floating snare rail system is said to provide sensitivity and control. Dyna-Sonic snares are available in 5×14 and 6.5×14 sizes.

Rogers has also introduced a complete selection of Dyna-Sonic replacement parts that are created to the original specifications.


Vic Firth

Matt Garstka Signature Stick

The Matt Garstka signature stick is halfway between Vic Firth’s 55A and Buddy Rich signature models and is 16″ in length. The profile blends seamlessly from the shoulder to the tip.


Etymotic Research

ER4SR In-Ears and MusicPRO Electronic Earplugs

The ER4SR in-ear monitors ($349.99) are designed to deliver the increased accuracy and sensitivity required by professional audio engineers and musicians. The right and left channels are matched within 1 dB across frequencies from 100 Hz to 10 kHz, and the monitors have a sleek, anodized-aluminum body and a reinforced, detachable cable.

The MusicPRO battery-powered earplugs ($299) feature adaptive noise-reduction circuitry that gradually changes the output level as the input volume exceeds safe thresholds. The plugs have a switch that toggles between 9 dB and 15 dB reduction, and they’re designed to respond immediately to loud, percussive strikes. The MusicPRO can also be used to enhance soft sounds by 6 dB, if desired.



Wicked Chops Pad

The super-compact Chops Pad features a soft gum rubber surface that provides natural rebound and response. Constructed of black anodized aircraft aluminum, the pad mounts to any 8mm cymbal stand.