TRX Cymbals

CRX Rock II Series

TRX Cymbals CRX Rock II Series

This new series includes a full range of medium-weight rides, hi-hats, crashes, crash-rides, and effects cymbals with a brilliant finish. They are available individually or in a box set composed of 14″ hi-hats, a 20″ ride, 16″ and 18″ crashes, and a cymbal bag.


S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel and Bold Spotted Gum Snares

Tama S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel and Bold Spotted Gum Snares
Tama S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel and Bold Spotted Gum Snares

The S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel snare features a 6.5×14 1.2 mm shell and is said to deliver brightness, projection, and a cutting tone. The drum is outfitted with Tama’s new 3 mm Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoops, which aim to offer solid tuning and a focused attack.

The S.L.P. Bold Spotted Gum snare is said to be warm and balanced, with clarity and a complex but versatile tone. The 6.5×14 drum has a 6 mm 9-ply shell and 2.3 mm steel Mighty Hoops, which provide a robust attack to the wooliness of the spotted gum. Each snare lists for $749.98.

A Tempo

SE1, SE2, and Tocador Cajons

A Tempo SE1, SE2, and Tocador Cajons

A Tempo’s solid-wood snare cajons are designed to produce a traditional Peruvian sound with deep, defined bass. The SE1 model has a multi-ply walnut playing surface and a resonant side made from purpleheart. The SE2 model features a rainbow stripe on all sides. Both cajons are fitted with flamenco-style snare wires and are finished with dovetail joints and furniture-grade gloss.

The Tocador flamenco cajon is made in Peru. The body panels are constructed from select pieces of solid mohena and purpleheart, which are fashioned by hand and joined using a dovetail technique. The front is made from multi-ply Spanish cedar and lupuna. Tocador cajons offer the deep, solid bass of a Peruvian cajon and the snap and sizzle of a flamenco cajon.


Dominion Ash Six-Piece Shell Pack

ddrum Dominion Ash Six-Piece Shell Pack

These affordable, ready-to-play shell packs include 8×10 and 9×12 toms, 14×14 and 14×16 floor toms, a 20×22 bass drum, and a matching 7×13 snare. Remo drumheads are included, with Pinstripes on the toms, a Controlled Sound Reverse Dot Coated on the snare, and Powerstroke P3s on the bass drum. The integrated three-point tom suspension system offers resonant tone and secure positioning, and classic Dominion-style box lugs provide tuning stability. Shell packs are available in Red Burst, Green Burst, Gloss Natural, and Trans Black. List price is $1,049.

Vic Firth

Re•Mix Brushes

Vic Firth Re•Mix Brushes

Designed with percussionist Pete Lockett, Vic Firth Re•Mix brushes are designed to pair together to create unique sounds with customizable amounts of volume and attack. They are available in Broomcorn, African Grass, Birch, and Birch/Rattan Hybrid, and each pair lists for $60. The Combo Pack, which includes African Grass and Birch pairs, lists for $110.


Revelation Series Drums

ASBA Revelation Series Drums

The Revelation series offers a 3-ply shell combination of mahogany/poplar/mahogany with reinforcement rings and rounded bearing edges. Additional features include chrome lugs, die-cast rims, and bass drum hoops with matching inlays. Six finishes are available.

Porter & Davies

Color Throne Top Options

Porter & Davies Color Throne Top Options

The BC2, BC2rm, Gigster, and TT6 tactile thrones are now available in Black Velvet, British Racing Green Velvet, Battleship Grey Velvet, Helmet Purple Velvet, and Black Vinyl. These new colored fabrics are said to be hardy enough to withstand the rigors of touring yet comfortable to sit on for extended lengths of time. All of the throne tops are finished with a green P&D logo embroidered in the middle of the seat.