A simple, modular option for creating compact, custom auxiliary percussion stations.

Liberty One is the in-house brand of top percussion retailer Steve Weiss that was created to provide quality products at affordable price points for students and professional drummers and percussionists. The Liberty One line comprises a range of mallets, cases, bags, drums, percussion, sticks, cymbals, brushes, accessories, and hardware, including the compact and versatile Mount-All rack we have for review here.

july 2020 liberty one mount all rack

What You Get

The basic Mount-All rack ($59.95) includes an 18x1x1 rectangular bar that has ten 8 mm mounting holes in the front and back sides and nine mounting holes in the top and bottom. The bar affixes to a standard cymbal, drum, or microphone stand via a removable V-clamp. The V-clamp requires two mounting holes, which leave eight more on front and back and all nine on top and bottom for creating a custom configuration of the six included knurled stacker rods. These rods, which come with a cymbal seat, felts, and a thumbscrew on one end, connect to the bar on any side via three double-sided threaded posts.

The Mount-All comes preconfigured with three stackers on the top of the square bar and three on the bottom. This setup accommodates a very compact setup for attaching small percussion instruments such as bells, blocks, splash cymbals, and mini-hats, or electronic trigger pads. You can also stack two or more of the cymbal holders on top of one another for a more vertical configuration of instruments.

Expansion Options

Liberty One also offers a few additional mounts for the Mount-All rack for setups utilizing instruments that don’t affix via 8 mm rods. These include the Single Crotale mount, which has a thin threaded rod and a plastic lock nut welded to a threaded 8 mm rod. This mount can be connected directly to the rack bar via an included 8 mm bolt, or it can be threaded atop one of the stacker arms.

July 2020 liberty one mount all rack B

If you own string-mounted instruments like gongs and triangles, you can get a two-pack of 8 mm threaded hooks ($5.95) to allow you to hang those instruments from the rack bar. You can also expand your setup in infinite ways by purchasing additional bars. Available in 18″, 36″, and 48″ sizes ($19.95–$24.95), these supplemental rack pieces provide exponentially more options for building fully customizable configurations that will best suit whatever setup you envision. The Liberty One Mount-All rack is basically an Erector Set for your drumset.