“La Villa Strangiato” from Hemispheres

We transcribed a ton of classic Neil Peart parts in our May 2020 tribute issue to Rush’s legendary drummer. One song we left out, however, was the instrumental tour de force “La Villa Strangiato” from the 1978 album Hemispheres.

The final section of this song (5:51) is where things really get crazy. Opening with a driving tom beat in 7/8, Neil expands the same idea to 4/4 when the bass enters and powers through some syncopated shots. Then all of a sudden we’re confronted with a swing section that explodes into some incredibly unexpected shots, beats, and blistering fills. Pay special attention to the swing hi-hat pattern, where Neil plays solid 8ths with his right hand and fills in additional notes with his left.

La Villa Strangiato music notes 1 of 2
La Villa Strangiato Music Notes 2 of 2

By Aaron Edgar

Aaron Edgar

Aaron Edgar plays with the Canadian prog-metal band Third Ion and is a session drummer, clinician, and author. His latest book, Progressive Drumming Essentials, is available through Modern Drummer Publications.