Kit Of The Month

Cocktail Convenience

For Toronto-based drummer Sekou Lumumba, this simplified rig packs more than enough punch into a small space when backing such artists as Canadian multi-platinum songwriter Serena Ryder. And when first thinking about his approach to this kit, the drummer considered its setup time to be as important as its sound.

“Although DW offers a cocktail kit in a larger diameter, I wanted something that would be easier to set up, tear down, and transport,” Lumumba says. “So in lieu of their 18″ split bass drum/floor tom with a 12″ tom and snare, I asked them to make me one solid 15″ bass drum with a 10″ tom and snare.” Besides the drums, Lumumba also fits two sets of hi-hats, a crash cymbal, and a jam block into the setup. “It may look like a lot of weight, but believe it or not, the main shell supports all of the drums, hardware, and cymbals easily. I’ve used this kit for five years without any issue.”

The kick drum/floor tom features a Kelly SHU bass drum mic mounting system below the batter head, which according to Lumumba adds another level of convenience. “Our sound guy only has to plug in via an XLR connection on the side,” the drummer explains. “And I never tire of the looks I get while setting up this kit versus the looks I get when people hear how much the cocktail setup sounds like a full, standard drumset.”

Lumumba toured extensively with the kit and played it on various TV shows, including The Queen Latifah Show. “Not many people know that Queen Latifah is also an avid drummer, and when she saw this kit during soundcheck, she came over to ask me a dozen questions about it,” Lumumba says. “She even stood off-camera during our performance to see exactly how I was playing it!”

You can check out a video of Lumumba playing the kit on The Queen Latifah Show by searching YouTube for “Serena Ryder Queen Latifah.”

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