L80 Low Volume Add-Ons

Zildjian has expanded its Low Volume cymbal sets to include four individual add-on models. Like previous Low Volume cymbals, the recently added 20″ ride, 10″ splash, 16″ crash, and 18″ crash-ride are up to eighty percent quieter than traditional cymbals and are ideal for practice rooms, low-volume gigs, or any other situation where reduced dynamics are required. List prices range from $69.95 to $149.95.



ProMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels

The ProMAX v2 is designed for a variety of spaces and applications and can be implemented in any location where wall-mounted acoustical treatments aren’t feasible or desired. The unit features a 48″x24″x3″ absorptive Studiofoam panel with an angled, reflective rear surface for tonal variability when rotated or flipped. ProMax v2 panels are available in charcoal gray, burgundy, and purple.


RBH Drums

Westwood Series Drumkit

The Westwood series features 3-ply, .1875″-thick mahogany and poplar shells without reinforcing hoops. The sound is said to be warm with low fundamentals and a fairly rapid decay, making the drums suitable for studio or live situations. The bearing edges have a slightly rounded outer edge with a 30-degree counter cut. All drums come standard with chrome-plated solid-brass single-point lugs, 2.3mm chrome hoops, heavy-duty bass drum spurs, and Remo heads. The Westwood series is available in Champagne Sparkle, Ruby Sparkle, Dark Blue Sparkle, and White Marine Pearl and is offered in two configurations.



Gongs and Stands

Agazarian’s new line of handcrafted gongs from China’s Hubei province includes 26″, 30″, and 34″ Chau gongs and a 22″ Wind gong. Chau gongs, made from bronze alloy, deliver a big, deep crash and provide a large spread of low tones. The nearly flat design of the Agazarian 22″ Wind gong is said to provide a smooth, low-pitched sound that opens up with a wash of overtones when played more aggressively.

Agazarian’s steel gong stands feature a textured, powder-coated finish and offer three height adjustments to accommodate instruments of various sizes. Rolling, locking casters are included for easy transport and placement. Gong prices start at $149.99, stands at $89.99.



Steve Smith 40th-Anniversary Snare

This limited-run 5.75×14 snare features a 9-ply beech shell, 6mm rounded bearing edges, a semi-gloss Mountain Burl veneer, eight Phonic-style lugs, a Dual Glide snare strainer, vintage Superprofil hoops, and 24-strand steel wires. The drum is said to be warm and rich with a beefy low end and pinpoint precision in the high end. A Hardcase case and Vic Firth Steve Smith model drumsticks are included. Only seventy-seven pieces will be issued.



Texture Coated Reflector Snare Batter

Aquarian’s Texture Coated Reflector snare batter is born from the same 2-ply hybrid film combination as the Reflector series but adds a Slate Grey coating. The combination of a heavy-duty 10-mil bottom ply and a top layer of 7-mil film is said to offer a sound that’s warm and musical at low volumes and bright and articulate when played hard.


Vic Firth

Benny Greb Signature Stick

This .595”x16” signature stick features a medium taper that places the shoulder in an ideal spot for durability. The 5B shaft and shortened teardrop tip are designed to provide excellent rebound and a focused cymbal sound.