August 2017 Issue – Volume 41 • Number 8


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Articles in August 2017

Get Your Head Out of the Page

Boy, it was strange typing that title. After all, when you’re in the information biz like Modern Drummer is, you’re generally trying to get people to do the opposite. But we’re also in the music biz, and the aim there,…

Adam Budofsky
Jun 28, 2017

Styx’s Todd Sucherman

For twenty years he’s been at the very top echelon of the rock and drumming worlds, largely on the basis of his scalding, unerring readings of classic Styx tracks recorded well before he joined the fray. Truth be told, that…

Story by Ilya Stemkovsky | Photos by Ash Newell
Jun 28, 2017

Matt Mayhall

Hollywood Swinger

Story by Ken Micallef | Photo by Alex Solca
Jun 28, 2017

On Topic - Louis Hayes

On Working With Jazz Legend Horace Silver in the ’50s Horace got me out of Detroit and working in New York. That put me in the spotlight. I made five recordings with Horace on Blue Note, as well as records…

Interview by Ken Micallef | Photo by Janette Beckman
Jun 28, 2017

Greg Fox

The Eternal Quest

Story by Will Romano | Photos by John Fell
Jun 28, 2017

Clyde Stubblefield Remembered

April 18, 1943–February 18, 2017

by Jim Payne with David Stanoch
Jun 28, 2017

Great Drums at Sun

A new compilation puts drummers square at the center of the most important musical invention of the mid-twentieth century. They called it rock.

by Patrick Berkery
Jun 28, 2017

Finding a New Musical Home

Let’s face it, sometimes it just isn’t happening at home. We may be in the age of bedroom studios, high-speed digital transfer, and cloud computing, but for the foreseeable future our physical address will continue to have a significant impact on our work opportunities. This month we speak with three pro drummers who decided they needed to up stakes to begin a new chapter in their careers. If you’ve been contemplating a move lately, their experiences could help you in making this important decision.

by Jeff Ryan
Jun 28, 2017

Paradiddle-Diddle Inversions

Straight and Triplet-Based Rudimental Rock Fills

by Joel Rothman
Jun 28, 2017

1,000 Ways to Practice a Single Page

Part 6: Building Independence

by Libor Hadrava
Jun 28, 2017


Exercises for Improving Time

by Wayne Salzmann II
Jun 28, 2017

Playing Melodically

Part 3: Stickings and Interpretations

by Peter Erskine
Jun 28, 2017

Advanced Herta Applications

Rudimental Polyrhythms in Odd Subdivisions

by Aaron Edgar
Jun 28, 2017

Connect With Your Audience

How Perspective Changes Everything

by Mark Schulman
Jun 28, 2017

VK - Aluminum Drumset

High-end, lightweight shells with a unique tonal character.

David Ciauro
Jun 28, 2017

Paiste - PSTX DJs 45 Series

Affordable, micro-sized effects cymbals from the mind of one of today’s most distinctive beat-smiths.

Michael Dawson
Jun 28, 2017

KBrakes - Bass Drum Anchors

Mitigate kick drum creep with these simple-to-install feet.

BJ Kerwin
Jun 28, 2017

Shure - MOTIV Series Mobile Recording Devices

iOS and USB solutions for musicians looking to document on the go.

Miguel Monroy
Jun 28, 2017

My Prized Possessions

Commemorating multiple generations in woodworking with three one-of-a-kind stave snares.

by David Perazone
Jun 28, 2017

New Gear from Zildjian, Auralex, RBH Drums, Agazarian, Sonor, Aquarian, and Vic Firth!

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Add-Ons Zildjian has expanded its Low Volume cymbal sets to include four individual add-on models. Like previous Low Volume cymbals, the recently added 20" ride, 10" splash, 16" crash, and 18" crash-ride are up to eighty…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2017

Favorite Clyde Stubblefield Track?

This past February 18, funk pioneer and renowned James Brown drummer Clyde Stubblefield passed away. To coincide with this month’s tribute to the innovator , we asked our social media followers to name the tracks they think stand out from…

Reader Responses
Jun 28, 2017

Thanks From Steve Smith

I would like to express my deep appreciation to my drumming peers that voted for me in the 2017 Modern Drummer Readers Poll. It has been an eventful year for me, with the Journey tours and being inducted into the…

Steve Smith
Jun 28, 2017

Gene Chrisman on Dan Auerbach's Waiting on a Song album, Christopher Guanlao on tour with Silversun Pickups, and more

Out Now Gene Chrisman on Dan Auerbach’s Waiting on a Song A Southern studio legend lends his experience to a modern hit songwriter’s latest effort. This past June 2, Dan Auerbach, vocalist and guitarist of the blues/garage-rock band the Black…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2017

Between the Buried and Me live album, Drum Trek method book, and more

Recordings John Frum A Stirring in the Noos It’s a band, not a person. And that’s not the only unexpected thing here. John Frum’s debut full-length, A Stirring in the Noos, offers a new voice to the ever-growing technical death…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2017

Gil Sharone’s Wicked Beats Book

September 2015 MD cover artist Gil Sharone has built a career around his ability to navigate numerous styles in a convincing and authentic manner. If you don’t know him from his day gig with Marilyn Manson or his stint in…

by Stephen Bidwell
Jun 28, 2017

Pearl Nashville Drum Day

Two New Series of Drums Debut in Music City

Text and photos by Sayre Berman
Jun 28, 2017

The Steam Brain

Brooklyn-based percussionist, theater designer, and artist Eric Farber built this month’s monster setup for the Off-Broadway Civil War and science fiction musical Futurity. He created the production with his indie-rock band the Lisps over the course of eight years while…

Modern Drummer
Jun 28, 2017