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On the Beat With Educator Bruce Becker: Covering Odd Times in New Book

Greetings fellow drummers, it’s been a few years since my first MD blog and the release of my DVD Concept and Philosophies. My educational passions still continue to forge ahead. A reminder of my background, I was a long time…

Modern Drummer
Apr 15, 2016

Drummer Blog: Gabor “Gabs??? Dornyei on Being Anything but Average

Some great things have happened in my career, but being featured in the current (April 2015) issue of Modern Drummer is a dream come true, especially as I’ve also just discovered that both MD and I were born in 1977.…

Modern Drummer
Mar 6, 2015

Drummer Blog: Trace Adkins Band’s Johnny Richardson on Keeping an Open Mind and Having a Battle Plan

Greetings, Modern Drummer universe! Johnny Richardson from the Trace Adkins band here, checking in from the road. As our regular touring season winds down, I thought this would be a good time for my second MD blog. As I write…

Modern Drummer
Nov 17, 2014

Drummer Blog: Magnolia Memoir’s Keith Crutchfield on Tying Together Passion and Entrepreneurship

Hello, my modern (and old-school) drummer friends. The drums have been a passion since I was a kid, and Modern Drummer has always been there for me. So writing this blog for you guys really is an honor. The drums…

Modern Drummer
Nov 5, 2014

Drummer Blog: Mark Zonder on New While Heaven Wept Album, Composing, and his Studio

I became associated with Tom Phillips from While Heaven Wept a few years ago, when Warlord was gearing up for our first tour in twelve years. He was a big Warlord, Fates Warning, and Mark Zonder fan and wanted to…

Modern Drummer
Oct 3, 2014

Justin Martinez of The Tontons

Hello, Modern Drummer readers! My name is Justin Martinez, and I am extremely honored to write a post for this site. Many of you have probably never heard of me before, and that’s okay. I’m a twenty-two-year-old musician based out…

Modern Drummer
Feb 11, 2014

Muncie’s Anna Cucciardo

During the forty-two weeks leading up to my beautiful baby boy’s birth at home on August 26, 2013, I toured, recorded, rehearsed, and taught drums on a daily basis. By the time my son was born, he already had eighty-three…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2013

The Really, Really Big Christmas Show’s John Stanley

Hello, MD readers! I wanted to tell you all about an upcoming show that I have been privileged to work on, an amazing production called “The Really, Really Big Christmas Show,” put on by Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 6, 2013

Pilot of Louna

Hey, everybody! I’m Leonid “Pilot” Kinzbursky. I’m twenty-four years old, and I’m the drummer for Louna. Louna just finished its first big tour in America with the Pretty Reckless and Heaven’s Basement. So right now I’ll tell you a little…

Modern Drummer
Nov 22, 2013

Sam Gidley of the Lonely Biscuits

Hey! My name is Sam Gidley, and I am the drummer for the Nashville-based band the Lonely Biscuits. I am twenty-one years old, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and am now living in Nashville. I’ve been a constant foot tapper since…

Modern Drummer
Nov 11, 2013

Chris Infusino of the Vim Dicta

Hello MD readers! Chris Infusino of the Vim Dicta here. I just wanted to let you know what’s happening on my end. I just signed with the up-and-coming psych rock band, the Vim Dicta, and couldn’t be more excited about…

Modern Drummer
Sep 30, 2013

John Boecklin of Devildriver

My name is John Boecklin, and I play drums for the band Devildriver. I started playing drums at the age of fourteen and never looked back. Since 2003, I have toured the world and now have six records under my…

Modern Drummer
Sep 27, 2013

Darren Lyons of the Darren Lyons Group

Hello fellow drummers. My name is Darren Lyons. I am a New York City–based drummer that has led an electric and acoustic jazz ensemble for the past fifteen years, called the Darren Lyons Group, which is a four-piece (guitar, bass,…

Modern Drummer
Sep 11, 2013

Ginger Wildheart of Hey! Hello!

Since annoying the hell out of my mother with relentless table tapping and leg playing from the age of five, I’ve always been a frustrated drummer. It would be thirty years later that I would make my recording debut on…

Modern Drummer
Aug 2, 2013