This month’s KOTM is a hybrid rig that the owner uses on semi-acoustic shows with his rock band Floater.

Kit Of The Month 2

The “groovy meat ’n’ potatoes” of Portland, Oregon–based drummer Mark Powers’ set consists of a vintage Yamaha bass drum, a new Yamaha brass Recording Custom snare, and a Sabian Phoenix ride, prototype hi-hats, and two Legacy crashes. “The world-flavored spices are what really bring this percussive dish to life,” says Powers. “To my left is a Tycoon handcrafted djembe, to my right is a set of traditional Ewe drums I brought back from my studies in Ghana, West Africa, and an assortment of hand-held percussion instruments is scattered on the floor around my feet.” The kit is rounded out with Remo heads—used everywhere that antelope or goat skins are not—Vic Firth drumsticks, and a Tackle Instrument Supply stick bag.

Kit Of The Month 3 By Kristin Hiatt