For Eddie “the Elf” Piotrowski of Edison, New Jersey, it took more than ten years of collecting and assembling to build this month’s monster setup. Piotrowski explains that his extensive collection of individual drums and reclaimed sets, which includes a vintage 1978 Slingerland kit in a Blakrome finish, originally formed the foundation for his current massive rig.

“I have a storage locker filled with various kits of different sizes that are appropriate for various gigs,” says Piotrowski, a drummer, producer, and collector with a passion for refurbishing and customizing equipment. “I wanted to create a set where I could be surrounded and experience every possible drum and percussion sound.”

The outfit features fifty-eight drums—including ten bass drums in sizes from 16″ to 32″, with twelve foot pedals; seven floor toms from 6″ to 15″; thirty-three toms from 6″ to 15″—and various timbales, bongos, a conga, and a cuíca. Surrounding the drums are nearly eighty cymbals, with eight sets of hi-hats. Various percussion instruments adorn the set, including nine cowbells, eight woodblocks, two fire bells, a saw blade, and a 32″ gong. Piotrowski ties it all together with a Gibraltar rack, memory clamps, and plenty of boom arms.

“This set has been a labor of love that embodies my dedication to my art,” Piotrowski says. “It’s developed a life of its own and will continue to live and grow as I find and customize new, inspiring pieces.”

A video series created with the producer and photographer Riki B. offers an in-depth look at the set. To see the complete setup and explanatory videos, search for “Elf’s giant drumset” on YouTube.

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