DW Collector’s Series Pure Almond Drumset

DW Almond Kit

Pure Almond drumsets have been added to the Collector’s Series. Features include a new staggered tandem core shell that’s said to put less tension on the shell and to balance the inherent attack and brightness of the almond timber. Each drum is finished in a special Toasted Almond to Natural Burst lacquer and can be complemented with any Custom Shop hardware color. Approximately fifty drumsets and snares will be produced. dwdrums.com

Aquarian Ice White Reflector Series

Aquarian Ice White Heads

This two-ply hybrid head is constructed with a bottom layer of smooth white 10 mm film and a Classic Nu-Brite 7 mm top layer. It’s said to produce a warm, resonant sound at lower volumes and bright tones when played hard, with clean and focused articulation. Ice White Reflector heads are available in 6″ to 26″ sizes. aquariandrumheads.com Check them out at your local dealer or from Amazon.

Gon Bops Fiesta Djembes

Gon Bops Fiesta

Fiesta djembes, which measure 19″ high and 10″ in diameter, are designed for students or beginning players. Features include Remo Suede heads and a mango wood shell. Available finishes include Ultra Violet, Lime Crush, Cherry Bomb, and White Magic.  gonbops.com

Tama Dyna-Sync Direct-Drive Pedals

The Dyna-Sync direct-drive pedal provides a nuanced angle design to achieve an optimal balance of speed, power, and feel. The dual linkage connects the pedal board to the cam at four points and modifies the pedal’s response from a classic direct-drive action to a more conventional chain-drive feel. The Dyna-Sync is available in single and double configurations. tama.com

Cympad Shark Gated Dampener

cympad shark dampener

The Shark is made from premium-grade cellular foam and features a hinged, reactive muffling system that mounts on the inside of the rim and momentarily floats off the drumhead when it’s struck, providing a more subtly dampened tone. The Shark is removable and can be reused. cympad.com

Pearl Primero Guiro Cowbell

Pearl Primero Guiro Cowbell

This steel 8″ cowbell features ridges on one side to produce a ratchet sound when scraped like a guiro. The mounting bracket accepts a .375″ post and has a black powder-coated finish. All Pearl cowbells come with a self-adhesive rubber mute. List price is $49.99. pearldrum.com

Los Cabos BD1-H Drum Mallet

Los Cabos BD1-H Drum Mallet

The new BD1-H mallet has a tapered hickory handle to reduce damage from rimshots, as well as a hard felt beater that provides quick rebound and pronounced articulation. loscabosdrumsticks.com

Pearl Jesus Diaz Signature Congas and Bongos

Pearl Jesus Diaz Congas and Bongos

Designed for the seated player, these Thai oak drums measure 30″ tall and feature a strategically positioned 4″ port on the front to deliver the maximum bass frequency while the drum remains flat on the floor. The drums also feature a newly designed quick release lug that’s slotted to allow removal of the tension rod without fully removing the nut. The ergonomically friendly design reduces the impact to hands, while an internal ring centers the head for accurate placement.

The 7″ and 8.5″ bongos deliver cutting tones and feature the same quick-release lug design. The quinto, conga, tumba, and bongos are finished in a matte Brushed Platinum lacquer and feature natural buffalo skin heads. pearldrum.com

Latin Percussion Accessory Bag

LP Accessory Bag

The LP Percussion Accessory bag is made from heavy-grade, durable nylon and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The flexible interior liners can be configured into customized compartments to keep fragile instruments safe and secure while separating heavier items. List price is $107.99. lpmusic.com Check it out at your local dealer or from Amazon.

TRX Cymbals ICE Series Cymbals

TRX Ice Cymbal

Available in a wide selection of rides, hi-hats, crashes, splashes, Chinas, and effects models, ICE cymbals feature a micro-lathed surface, medium-heavy weights, and a highly polished finish for a clean, bright, sparkling tone. trxcymbals.com

Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch Drumset

Tama Starclassic walnut/birch drumset

This new Starclassic kit is said to harness the lows and midrange warmth of walnut while providing the clear attack and projection of birch. The 6 mm tom and floor tom shells are constructed using European birch for the outer four plies and American black walnut for the interior two plies. The 8 mm bass drum features five plies of European birch on the outside and two plies of American black walnut on the interior. Drum hardware includes die-cast hoops, Star- Cast mounting system, and Quick-Lock brackets on the toms and floor toms. tama.com

UK Percussion Concepts Magnobuddy Brush Holder

UK Percussion Concepts

The Magnobuddy brush holder offers a convenient way to store and retrieve fanned-out wire brushes. The magnetic device can be mounted on drums, cymbal stands, or mic mounts. ukpercussionconcepts.com  Check is out at your local retailer or from Amazon.

Clearsound Baffles Acoustic Treatment System

Lightweight and transparent, Clearsound Baffles are for use in live music applications to control and improve sound. They are said to reduce bleed from instruments into other nearby microphones and naturally dampen and protect high-end frequencies necessary to help vocalists cut through a live mix. They are effective on instruments that have a tendency to be loud or harsh, such as cymbals, horns, and guitar amps. Clearsound Baffles can be mounted on any straight or boom stand and positioned wherever treatment is necessary. clearsoundbaffles.com Check them out at your local retailer or from Amazon.