Kit of the Month

After growing up playing an eight-piece Premier Resonator drumkit with a mere two cymbals, Alan Vincelette of Moorpark, California, decided to flip the script. “I now have a four-piece cherry Craviotto drumset with several cymbals,” Vincelette explains. “I really like this set kit for its tonal and resonant sound, and the cherry wood is warm like maple but with even more attack and an all-around great vibe.”

The 2013 Craviotto kit consists of a 14×20 bass drum, an 8×12 rack tom, a 14×14 floor tom, and a 5.5×14 snare, all featuring 45-degree bearing edges, plus a 3×12 A&F Rude Boy raw brass side snare. “I tune that high to contrast with the main snare,” says Vincelette. The drummer’s Zildjian cymbals include a 20″ K Constantinople medium thin low ride, a 16″ K Constantinople crash, a 17″ K Custom Special Dry trash crash, a 10″ Zildjian K Custom Special Dry splash, and 14″ K Constantinople hi-hats.

Vincelette uses a combination of DW and Mapex hardware, and as a clever addition he drilled holes in some plastic decorative cherries and put them on top of his cymbal wingnuts, accentuating the kit’s cherry shells. Vincelette uses his unique set to play covers and originals with the Los Angeles–based band Grest, “an oddball collection of a character actor, a fire chief, an electrical engineer, a property manager, and myself, a philosophy professor. We all have full-time jobs,” says the drummer, “but we still make time to gig around for fun.”

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