Zildjian Rolling Cymbal Vault


Premium Cymbal Bags and Cases

The Zildjian 24″ rolling cymbal vault, which features a molded polyethylene shell that holds five to ten cymbals, provides protection and durability. For lightweight yet sturdy transport, the 22″ and 24″ premium cymbal bags feature durable nylon on the outside and soft tricot fabric lining on the inside. The 24″ rolling cymbal vault lists for $169.95. The 22″ and 24″ premium cymbal bags list for $129.95 and $149.95, respectively.




SlapKlatz Gel Dampers


Gel Dampers

SlapKlatz gels, which are easily placed near the edge of the top or bottom drumhead, provide a simple solution for controlling overtones. Each pack contains two small and two large gels, in one of two colors, alien green or clear. By being applied to the surface of a shell, the gels can double as a bumper to stop drums from knocking into one another.




Los Angeles Drum Services Custom Cymbal Ink and Restorations

Los Angeles Drum Services

Custom Cymbal Ink and Restorations

LADS is now providing complete restorations, replacement logos, and custom graphics for worn cymbals. All cymbals are cleaned professionally to look brand-new, and the replacement logo or custom ink is said to last five times longer than the original.




Remo Tamborellos


Italian Calabria Tamburellos

The Calabria tamburello is manufactured with a Skyndeep graphic drumhead and an Acousticon shell that’s made from recycled wood fiber. It has a large notch cutout for extra playing comfort, and the two rows of standard and conical chrome jingles produce quick articulated beats. Two versions are available, one with a pre-tuned drumhead and one that’s tunable and features a Mylar underlay ring to add bass tone. Both models are 2.5×12. The pre-tuned Calabria lists for $122.95, and the tunable model is $159.95.




MXL PA-5K Drum Microphone Kit


PA-5K Drum Microphone Kit

MXL’s PA-5K three-piece kit includes two A-5t tom microphones and an A-55 Kicker for the bass drum. The A-5t is a high-SPL cardioid that’s said to have excellent rejection and a warm and punchy tone that complements the toms. It features a durable metal body and an adjustable, pivoting rim mount. The A-55 Kicker is designed to deliver the deep, low-end punch of bass drums, as well as bass cabinets, congas, and other low-frequency instruments. It includes a built-in mic clip. The list price for the PA-5K is $199.95.




Outlaw Church Pew Drumset


Church Pew Drumset

Outlaw takes wood from old buildings and structures or any other timber that is no longer used and turns it into one-of-a-kind drums. This method of using recycled wood isn’t just environmentally friendly; it also allows the grains of the timber to tighten up with age, making for a beautiful look and unique sound for each drum. Recently, when Gillionville Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, was in need of drums for worship services, Outlaw took an old pew from a church in that state’s Calhoun County and turned it into a drumset.