Steve Gadd Signature Snare

Limited to only 200 to be sold in the US, this 5.5×14 drum’s 1.2 mm steel shell exterior and aluminum die-cast hoops are set in black nickel. Additional features include a Steve Gadd signature badge, a black tuning key, and a certification card. List price is $999.



Dyna-Sync Hi-Hat Stand

Based on the same direct-drive technology found in Tama’s Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal, the hi-hat stand delivers a quick, responsive action. Additional features include a newly designed spring dampener, footboard angle adjustment, a quickset hi-hat clutch, a six-way tension adjustment, and a spring seat for controlling the angle of the lower cymbal. List price is $698.74.






SPYR Mallet Line

The SPYR series offers a backer card and label artwork to communicate the color-coded hardness scale (very soft to very hard) and how it applies to the mallet. This scale carries through with matching color-coded stitching and through the color of the mallet head itself for unwrapped models. Included in the SPYR series are six wrapped marimba mallets, two unwrapped marimba mallets, four vibraphone mallets, and twelve xylophone/bell mallets.


Gio Cymbals

Definitive Series

Gio cymbals are designed in Los Angeles, California, and are hand-hammered in Istanbul, Turkey. The heavier weights with bigger bells are said to offer strength and a warm, full, modern, and focused sound.




These cellular foam devices are designed to improve the sound of bass drums and floor toms while offering an extra layer of protection from unwanted drum and pedal movement. The system features discs for floor tom legs and bass drum spurs as well as a pad for acoustic and electronic bass drums and hi-hat pedals.


Latin Percussion

Box Kit and Woodshop Carbon Fiber String Cajons

Box Kit cajons allow players to play in a drumset position with hands or brushes. The different tone zones include independent bass, mid, and high soundboards that allow for distinction with no cross talk. The snare mechanism can be adjusted with a drum key and allows for a snare sound on multiple surfaces. Both the six- and three-zone Box Kit cajons feature red meranti soundboards on a birch body.

The Woodshop Carbon Fiber String cajon has a Baltic birch body with an inset space-grade carbon fiber soundboard. It delivers a focused, bright tone. Six tunable, phosphor bronze strings add sizzle and snap.